Earring Commission, long drop with oval Pearl Shell Chinese gaming discs, grey Fresh Water Pearls and large Baroque Pearls 18ct White Gold, finished today Friday, Jul 29 2011 

The Chinese gaming discs are from our collection, we supplied the grey oval Fresh Water Pearls and Julie had the divine, large Baroque Pearls. Handmade Palladium White Gold settings with hooks – recent commission for Julie Ewington.

Credential Stealing Trojan Tuesday, Jul 19 2011 

The bank alerted us three weeks ago, they told us there
was a breach of our password and that a payment of
$3,907.39 was sent out of the country.
The bank was watching the use of the rogue IP address
they used to log into our
account - a different one than ours.
The bank suggested we had entered our details into a
false bank web page, they said from their end they could
see that there was a Credential Stealing Trojan at work
- not Identity Theft.
We were told that an outside IT person should run the
latest Nortons over the system here. Steve Thomson came
and installed Norton's System Works 3.0 on Barbara's
machine. The newer update didn't download, the 'virus
definitions' - we had to get a newer version, Norton
Internet Security (for the Mac) 4.1, we ran it, took 2.7
days and - no virus detected.
We have never entered passwords into a false web page.
The bank opened our account again and we set newer
passwords, Friday week. The following Saturday morning
our account was entered on their second password
attempt, (I had used numeral ones and capital I's) and
they got it on the second try. So they had a key logger
in our network here and we had to find it?
Steve was back and installed Norton's 4.1 (a separate
install for every machine), ran that over my G5 and four
external mirrored drives - no virus detected.
The criminals were depositing other monies into our
account and used my machine's IP address to do it!
Then an email from PayPal saying that my account was
'limited', so I changed my
password & questions online with the laptop and rang the
PayPal Sydney operator and had the 'limited' kept in
place as I was suspicious about our changing details and
they may be watching . . .
So I arranged for Steve to come here and be on the
machines while we talked to the eFraud / Westpac IT man
on the phone in Sydney. The only other thing the guy
could think of was that they had gained entry via our
locked wireless network - the Router! So Steve came over
to my machine and opened the Router log and there they
were . . . he quickly did as command A - selected all
the log data and pasted it into an email and sent it to
the sydney IT guy.
Steve then moved over to Barbara's machine and picked up
the phone and opened
the log across the ethernet system and the log was
deleted before his very own eyes. We closed down the
wireless network, unplugged the Modem for 17 hours and
when it turned on it was reset to another IP address.
We then reinstalled newer systems on all four machines,
changed all the passwords (wireless network first) then
the sharing setups.
Now the only way the Router will let any one in is by
the individual Mac address of the computer . . . we are
specifically limited.
Our email accounts were compromised and emails were read
every day, our own email addresses are all the same
still, now that all the server passwords have been
changed so they cannot see anything now.
The July bank statement will show all, the bank lady
says . . . .
So all of our credit cards are changed and on the way to
us, the account is still 'limited', we will now use
'token's' for every payment.
When Barb is back we have to recreate all bank
procedures and passwords, they go and change every other
password we have used at every other entity we deal
Again for Mac users, Keychain holds every password you
use and logs all the use of them, well, locked or not
thats the first thing they'll do is crack that and
you are laid bare. We haven't enabled it, Steve is
dubious of its strength and use in the scheme of things.
So they either sat outside our place and with a Mac
(because the bank has that Mac computer's ID they used),
managed to unlock our locked network. Gained access to
Barb's machine, found the passwords secret file on her
machine and stayed lurking and logging every key action.
They could also have gained access via a new
'Drive-by-Reflector' that would have come from a web
page and installs itself inside a Browser (but not
Safari, he says) . . . we don't actually know how they
gained access. Scary - hey?
Hope that helps . . . passwords should be at least 12
keys long with numerals, upper and lower case, shift
characters and use all different strokes - no words, no
running sequence of numbers like year of birth in 4
Don't become complacent just because the Mac operating
system is "suposedly written correctly", malware is all
over the internet and we are all under attack!

Hydrothermal Rubies and 18ct Yellow Gold Earring Enhancers Tuesday, Jul 19 2011 

The © Barbara Heath hinged sleepers were a commissioned gift for Jenny’s daughter, now Jenny just keeps raiding the gem trays here and we make up more well constructed settings. A second shot is here.

Jenny McCaughey’s own pair of fancy cut Amethyst enhancers, collected today by her sister Kate Bohl.



Brooch series for the AGHS conference in Maryborough, mid August 2011 Sunday, Jul 10 2011 

Jeweller to the Lost will show these Banksia leaf brooches and small sculptures at the Australian Garden History Society’s Annual Conference. We are also taking responsibility for the artist merchandising at the event and have invited 5 other artisans to participate, there will be two booksellers also. Made from copper sheet, hand cut, fold-formed and twisted into shape. Treated and enamelled, some with brooch backs and some sold as objects. Barbara’s own take on the local ‘Bansia Serrata’. Another downloadable pic – here.

Barbara Heath Brooch – inspired by the story of Ma Brown aka ‘bug-eye’, the Midland’s Tinker from Tasmania. Monday, Jul 4 2011 

Artisan has initiated and developed an exhibition entitled: ‘tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor’ – ‘100 years, 100 women, 100 brooches’. Kirsten Fitzpatrick & Dr Dorothy Erickson are selecting 100 women’s stories, with a view to a spread of occupations, excellence of achievement and ‘firsts’. Each participating jeweller has been invited to make a brooch inspired by one of the stories. Barbara chose to make her (Blackman River Peg) in response to the coppiced pegs in our own collection made originally by Ma Brown and found under the floor boards of our shop and residence in Tunbridge, Tasmania. The show opens at Artisan 29 September 2011 runs to the 12 November then tours to a further eight regional galleries ending up in Tamworth Regional Gallery 7 October 2013. The larger .pdf is here. © Bh Lace Brooch in 925 Silver with oxidised band and nail. Stainless steel hand made brooch back.

Here is Barbara’s concept statement:  Ma Brown lived, supported her family and survived by her skills in the rural midlands of Tasmania in the 1920–40’s. Using found tin and coppiced willow from the banks of the Blackman River she made clothes pegs and sold them to the local store. Almost a hundred years later we purchased that old store and began a long task of repair and restoration. Under the floorboards we found a stash of Ma Brown’s pegs, carried there by rats along with other unlikely loot. Such discoveries evoke histories and enable linkages that tie us even deeper to this place. We walk beside the Blackman River and the same willows today thinking of this ordinary woman, a survivor whose memory lingers here.