Commission from second generation Bh client – a delightful commission for herself. Friday, Mar 28 2008 

Jasmine & Walter collect this tomorrow, her Mum – Shayne worked as a graphic designer with Jen Marchant in her design practice years ago and introduced her daughter to Barbara’s world. 1 + 1 = good alchemy (we say)!

Barbara commissioned this ring for Malcolm, made by Dimitar Bianco © Bh Studio. Thursday, Mar 27 2008 

Andy O’Brien is the caretaker on a large Tasmanian property we have visited twice now called Hutton Park c1824 – see blog entry for – Monday, Sep 3 2007 –

Barbara, Andy and mal E went digging under the old shearers quarters and amongst other shards I found this Tasmanian-shaped piece of a colonial medicine jar with texts – more interesting for what text remains, I feel. The pieces from the dig came home to Tunbridge, were cleaned and stored but I felt connected to this piece and brought it back to Queensland – sort of ‘my piece of Tasmania’.

So in the usual timely fashion, an old friend and master jeweller living in Holland, Dimitar (Jim) Bianco visited the studio at the same time that I had finished my thirty neck cancer radiation treatments. So Barbara asked Jim to make me a ring in the 17th century method, mount and set the shard and shape a ring from scrap gold – Barbara called it ‘ His piece of Tasmania’. I’m so pleased with it’s sentiment, the story that remains and the feel and weight of it – thanks Barb & Jim!

The Queensland Art Gallery © Jeweller to the Lost – 5 minute movie link: Tuesday, Mar 25 2008 

o.k. – so WordPress won’t let me attach the webarchive link . . . “file does not meet security guidelines” means “pay us more money and you can upload more file types” – only in this case it still won’t help me get this movie to you.

So, in another browser, please open a new window and cut and paste this url:

I’m doing this because so many people have emailed us or searched for the link in vain, again thanks to QAG, particularly Ben Wicks for his production and shooting the footage, mal E for his pick-up graphics and we gave Ben the rights to an unpublished John Waterman track as the sound bed.

The residual of the big Queensland Art Gallery Survey Show Nov 2005– March 2006 is here:

The online sales of the catalogue are going gang-busters still . . . contact <> for direct sales.

Kirsti Simpson comes clean on her Barbara Heath addiction in Brisbane Magazine, Issue 5 – 2008 Monday, Mar 24 2008 

Many thanks Kirsti! Her favourite Brisbane experience – “commissioning jewellery from Barbara Heath, it is an addiction”!

The whole truth and nothing but the truth is in the .pdf – here

UPDATE August 11 2008 – received today, Hassell Brisbane Management update: Kirsti Simpson has been elected to the International Board of Hassell as Chair of the Practice Executive. Her title in Brisbane is Executive + Joint Discipline Leader (Interior Design), with Senior Associate + Joint Discipline Leader – Troy King. <>

Easter Sunday 2008 at the Little Larder in New Farm – Brisbane Monday, Mar 17 2008 

Margaret Blaszczyk shows off her unique button collection – just to us! Monday, Mar 17 2008 

Margaret & Joe are old Barbara Heath commissioners and firm friends who continue to evolve their environments and collections with precise abandonment – why move that mountain if you can just envision it moved? The path of least resistance was in fact secretly devised by Joe, I believe.
The shots are by mal E all wrapped up in a downloadable powerpoint – 51Mb – here

Jenny McCaughey’s fabulous Diamond Ring © Barbara Heath Thursday, Mar 13 2008 

We are talking serious white diamonds mixed with small expensive pinks – all in © Bh fitted & sculpted Platinum for a lovely lady whose husband wishes this commission should remain discrete, he told her that if she flashed her ring around too much, he would toss it in the river! We respect their privacy as well, but will be casting our own net in their part of the river, that’s for sure.

A most secretive Commission for Caroline Lovegrove and a most successful outcome. Thursday, Mar 6 2008 

Simon Lovegrove and Barbara colluded on this Silver Anniversary Commission – New Leaf Lattice Earrings and a matching Necklace, a complete surprise for Caroline. Barbara and Juan-Luis devised a new profile for the Leaf Lattice unit and also a new tapered and shaped bar & ring chain for this commission. The pieces are set with quality Aquamarines, Sapphires and Diamonds in 18ct White & Yellow Gold.

Caroline and Simon dropped in to the studio soon after to fine-tune the fit of the piece, talk and feedback ensued, mal E showed Caroline the job bag full of notes, precursors collected and discussed, right down to photographs of the family’s art collection that were exchanged during the brief process – these elements once surfaced certainly added to the mystique of this piece and showed the recipient just how much goes into planning and executing a commission. Overall a pleasant and exciting experience for all!

Michael Phillips hung in the Sulman, second time in two years! Sunday, Mar 2 2008 

Here’s the proof – by the look of it, that’s the loud bugger standing to the left of his work. For everyone who knows and collects Michael’s work – the prices have just doubled!

Review in the American Metalsmith Magazine – Barbara Heath mentioned. Saturday, Mar 1 2008 

For those of you who want to read the full page review, (a .pdf at 1.9Mb) – click here