Urban Archaeology – my new trading name for the rest of my life Tuesday, Oct 17 2000 

So, in a design sense – Arresting Human Intelligence has separated me and my approach to getting a better brief, from the rest of the design practitioners since 1985. This new name (and approach to the rest of my life’s work) – Urban Archaeology assists my re-positioning back to using the collections I’ve created and managed and the designer resources I’ve built up over 30 years of design. I found this crystal with an interesting wave inclusion in Tucson, I engaged Howie Freidler to internally carve a figure of Quan-Yin in this supposed water droplet . . . while at the same time shedding a tear for the practice I’m leaving behind. And setting up a new object to hold the new venture vision I’m about to embrace.

hey Bunch! Thursday, Oct 12 2000 

so Alex do I just start scanning