Commissioned Ring for Wendy Barber © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Jul 23 2003 

“Does Mal have any Aussie Cricket Tinbacks for Sale”? Monday, Jul 21 2003 

 Hey, I’m really a collector but if there’s a more serious insect out there, I’ll review my holding. What’s interesting is the fact that an external request like this forced me to actually look at what badges there were in the plastic carton. You know, you spread them out on the table or floor – you sort them for quality and interest. With me its usually scanning them, file names and folders to be worked out, the response email and closing the lid on the box until the next item comes home or brushing them off to pack & post. This time there was no postage to purchase though . . . he had ’em all!

Commissioned Ring for Jill Steele © Barbara Heath Saturday, Jul 19 2003 

Marisa Molin’s promo mentions her mentor – Barbara Heath Saturday, Jul 12 2003 

Barbara’s God-daughter Turns One Today Friday, Jul 11 2003 

Josephine Jackman resides with her Aussie export parents in Palo Alto California, I should mention that Jo-Jo has two fairy God-mothers, Jean-Pierre Khoury backs up Barbara and together they have set the siren sailing . . . this was our email card for the occassion.

Mr Enright senior beats Mr Enright junior Friday, Jul 11 2003 

Bunch’s Farewell Notice Thursday, Jul 10 2003 

After waiting for his family to make some sort of sacrifice after the fact, a few close friends gathered to remember our beloved night tripper, musical muse, digital bandit, animal lover, space ace and general nice guy.

Our Birthday’s for 2003 Wednesday, Jul 9 2003 

I made up this graphic from two cards received from our best pal, the contemporary curator Rhana Devenport. One of the supreme image juxtaposeurs! (thanks darling) . . .

Commissioned button for Tim Hill © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Jul 9 2003 

Brisbane News Article July 2003 – Barbara Heath Studio Wednesday, Jul 9 2003 

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