Artisan Foundation launched with two speakers; Barbara Heath & Chelsea de Luca at e’cco in Brisbane Thursday, Jul 31 2008 

Phillip Johnson’s e’cco restaurant hosted the Artisan Foundation Launch breakfast, Thursday 24th July 2008.  Andrea Higgin’s image sent in an email above – Barbara’s White Enamel Lace Brooch use on the cover of the brochure. Great feedback all round! I spoke to Phillip when I picked up Barb and he said it was jumpin’ from his side of the fence. More details contact the CEO – Chetana Andary <>.

Commissioning wedding bands made easier – models in the studio. Tuesday, Jul 29 2008 

This is why a studio visit works wonders – clients get to see and try on numerous bands and see settings to match. Gem selection is also made much easier in the race to find that certain something that is unique and affordable.

New work on the way to Studio Ingot in Melbourne. Friday, Jul 25 2008 

Baroque Lattice had a boost recently when a client of Katherine Kalaf in Perth commissioned a bracelet in 18ct Palladium White Gold and diamonds (go to view in April 19 2008). We were stonkered by the metal price of the bracelet but proceeded to develop the range further in Sterling Silver – earrings, pendants, necklaces with black rubber to appease the ‘basic black’ Melbourne look we love. No sooner had we finished these items (as of today still not even consigned), an old Mecca client called and wanted us to send images of small, white metal, elegant, screw-ons in the stock pile? In an instant I shot and up-loaded x3 images – two requests and one was for an omega version, imaged below. Again, the telephone – the internet and the Express Post satchel at work.

Paddington mural featuring some local business identities, including Barbara Heath Friday, Jul 25 2008 

I originally retouched the drain outlet from Barb’s back when this image was fresh in 1991, it’s now July 2008 and I went back today to shoot the site again . . . well, I didn’t bother to even pull a shot, the weeds have smothered half the artwork, the whites are slime and dirt covered. I tried to contact someone (anyone) but the substation was closed, I believe Hands-on-Art is now defunct also. Well I can see another project for ‘clean up Australia day 2009’. The element we often remember was the fact that Barb hung in there for 12 years in her Paddington shop and the month she decided to leave the mural was finished!

Replacement ring for Despina Macris © Bh 2008 Monday, Jul 21 2008 

The © Bh design drawings for this collaborative commission was posted to this blog on Tuesday 17/6/2008 and I’m happy to show the scans of the finished piece . . . Spina and Barbara worked to re-make an earlier family ring shown originally in the Brisbane City Hall commission show in 1999 initiated by Frank McBride and curated by Kirsten Fitzpatrick – here.

Commissioned Ring re-made for Ilana Elisha in Melbourne Monday, Jul 21 2008 

Its always terrible getting those (I’ve lost it) calls from clients – “it just came off in the surf” – ‘one minute it was there and the next thing’ – ” we went through the rubbish three times looking for it” – well this little beast never wanted to be found apparently. The original is on the directory here. Barbara says the second one is better than the first, I asked her why and she just said it just came into being, better. So even with gold at twice the price it was in 2000 and the quality rubies harder to source, at least it pays to insure your goods for their retail replacement – so you stay ahead of the game!

The viewersite blog is one year old, here’s the stats Sunday, Jul 20 2008 

We paid some more US$ today to for CSS changes and a new 5Gb storage that enables more movie types to upload to the site. To alter the blog’s look & feel to what Barb and I want we have set the cascading style sheet’s set template to our own graphics. The stats for the first 12 months are published above, I’ve shown the month view. In earlier months the traffic was directly reflected in our monthly viewer email updates (a list of links and reminder texts) although for the second half of the year many viewers just keep dropping in to read and view updates without any reminder emails. Many more happen on our activities through google search results – we are very quickly achieving good traffic, mostly quality hits across the various categories.

The 2007 review as a slideshow was posted on today Wednesday, Jul 9 2008 

I can’t believe this is posted in July . . . it just shows you how busy, well (pre-occupied with the day-to-day) we have all been this year. Five years on with the homepage at the server as a back-up to the domain hosted in NYC by Bill Shaman for the past 9 years . . . (love you Bill).

Here’s the link direct to the slideshow – thanks for visiting, incidently we’ve had 726 people who viewed the 2006 slide show . . .

Barbara Heath mentioned in Bravura, recent Arts Queensland publication Tuesday, Jul 8 2008 

Rod Welford MP, in his preface to the publication ends with this last sentence: “Our arts and culture are our best global ambassadors. They tell the world that we are a place that values the arts. Bravura is a salute to the people who are spreading this message and will continue to do so in the future with spirited skill and flair”.

Barbara’s double page .pdf is here – those mentioned are as follows: Australian Festival of Chamber Music, William Barton, Big Sound, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, Circa, Cultural Centre, Dancenorth, Elision, Feral Arts, Fiona Foley, Barbara Heath, Lasse Kinnunen, The Kransky Sisters, Laura Dance Festival, Alexander Lotersztain, Kate Miller-Heidke, Dennis Nona, Out of the Box, OzFrank, Qld Ballet, Qld Music Festival, Qld Theatre Co, Jaya Savige, Stylin’UP, Craig Walsh & Judy Watson.

Shane & Sally Thompson have been long-time commissioners, here’s a third generation re-make hot off the beach. Saturday, Jul 5 2008 

. . . or should that headline say – bench! Either way its the mermaid, the sea kelp, bubbles as briefed, an underwater treasure kind of ring-thing, all bound up in past stories, present emotions, with future stories and the like. Whole gems and elements of the second ring all fused with the newer third version as envisioned by Sally and brought to the surface by Barbara’s wax sculpture and Juan’s stone setting (and Mal’s scanner as a camera).

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