Roman Claw Range Ring © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 7 2002 

Commissioned Ring for Nic Kominos © Barbara Heath Saturday, Apr 6 2002 

John Waterman’s last jewellery Tuesday, Apr 2 2002 

 This needs some explanation – Barbara’s first husband (although they never married), died of golden staph – an understandable result of his immune system crashing because of his chemo healing. Sadly, I put these two images together on his death.John was an early influence on a generation of sound engineers that never touched an instrument – this top image was his “rock” poor-trait, a re-cycled found in the gutter photo (that he fucked up) he used to show people it when they asked about his earlier career. HA-ha . . . the final laugh was always on John . . . his fans at aliasfrequencies have Barbara & Malcolm’s full support and they have promised to keep his material we gifted to them on-line perpetually.