News arrived today of Oppi Untracht’s passing – July 2008 Tuesday, Sep 30 2008 

From: Annadee <>

Date: 30 September 2008 8:21:04 AM

Subject: FW: with respect to Oppi Untracht!

I will be doing this and I thought you all might be interested. It’s for the JMGNSW newsletter

Dear Jewellers, Makers, Metalsmiths …

Apologies for the group email and the short notice

– but I am responding to the news that Oppi Untracht,?of ‘Jewelry Concepts and Tecnhology’ fame has recently passed away.

As a sign of respect to the person who has compiled the quintessential reference book and other related titles …

I would like to ask if any of you who own a copy, to contribute towards a tribute cover for this October issue of Filings!


This would require:

– a photo of your copy of ‘Jewelry Concepts and Technology’ (preferably taken against a white background)

– how many years you have owned it

– your name and locality?


If any one has the time or can suggest others to contribute, please forward this email and lets not forget the copies held in tertiary library collections!

Interested contributions would be appreciated to respond by 3 October.

Regards and thank you for your time,

Vivian Spadaro

Filings newsletter Editor



I quickly found Barbara’s bashed up volume, sans the dust jacket and did just what the editor requested, yes! I hear you say . . . “funny, he never does what he’s told”, only we have huge respect for this man – it’s the least we can do. Here’s the larger version sent down to Sydney and pasted below is the blog version. So please send this on to other metal workers and jewellers a.s.a.p.

Victorian Diamond Pin re-cycled for a Birthday Milestone Ring Tuesday, Sep 30 2008 

Carolyne is a dynamic mother of three who finds the extra time to guide at the Queensland Art Gallery. Public speaking, immersion in the category, handling up to 100 guests at a time – no mean feat! We have a strong following with these women (and men) and it is particularly heartening when they broach the flagstone of the studio door. This commission went swimmingly, to use a Barbara term . . . we also arranged a Diamond Valuation with our long time associate Ralph Pownall, in the city.

Six years later and two half sizes smaller, another commission comes home for clean and re-size and settings check Thursday, Sep 25 2008 

Talk about smart! – the Cohen family take a school holiday break on the Gold Coast staying at the Palazzo Versace Hotel. Ilana calls the studio – “I need the one I never take off a bit smaller, the new one is not snug enough, I’ll bring all the earrings for a setting check and let’s clean the lot”? Mal sets up a long Monday lunch at Vie Restaurant on the premises, Abe buys us a gorgeous lunch and I have to do the work! – that’s the enchanted life of a Jeweller to those who are Found.

Click HERE for the larger pic.

We featured in the illuminated window display at Makers Mark, 464 Collins Street Melbourne recently Thursday, Sep 25 2008 

Sitting on the fence here in Brisbane watching the retailing environment in Australia changing rapidly is exciting, like a pheasant shoot you never really know what’s in the bag until the count at night fall. Well it’s like that with re-sellers all over the nation, some strategies and catchments are working, some have died and some are growing. Makers Mark have recently pulled out of their most exclusive Sydney base, closed their Collins Street annex and re-fitted a new Head Office in the Melbourne financial district.

Their recent ‘earrings & cuffs show’ featured Barbara Heath Chrysanthemum & Sapphire briolette earrings and textured House cuffs with African Rubies . . . Stewart Noble has managed to navigate his way through these challenges & we are happy to report on his (and our) recent success. Now its downhill to re-stocking for the festive season and beyond.

URGENT- one spot at the Bullé/400Day workshop this weekend Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

Noted Australian Horologist, Lindsay Bramall from Sydney is coming to Brisbane to present a full day of workshop demonstrations on two of his favorite clock types – the French Bullé & early 400 Day torsion clocks. One spot at the (20 only closed workshop) has now become available, to all the newer 104 Chapter members; this is an opportunity to see the workshops in full swing, meet the hands-on members and take in more observation tricks, movement breakdown hints and lathe demonstrations. Call Ken today!

From the close friends of clients, via word of mouth, email briefs over the internet, always happy to recycle loaded and sentimental objects, drawings exchanged – a new ring for Susan Smith in Sydney Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

The Bh job bag has six printouts sent from Susan with specific notes and thoughtful suggestions, all from commission shots we have posted previously to one web site or another. People say that these precursors really help them to articulate just what it is they have in mind as a commission starter. The larger image is here for those (like me), who want an image wider than 500 pixels to review. I’ve just re-read all the email communications also, a real joyous affair I have to report. Finally, I have to admit that I love sitting behind the wall here working away and listening to the visitors, the chatter then the squeals of delight when clients see their new pieces . . . and Susan still has earrings on the bench here – more delight to come!

Another Time Two – Barbara’s next show at Katherine Kalaf Gallery in Perth is now uploaded to the two servers. Wednesday, Sep 3 2008 

For a downloadable copy of the powerpoint, click here. Its an 11.4Mb file on the viewer directory. When Katherine receives all my files I believe she will also use them in her own gallery web. I’ll post an update to that when it’s completed.

30-9-2008 – Here’s an email with a link just posted by the journalist, many thanks for covering the show Louise! It was fun working with you digitally. Also the pic of Barbara is fun, Andrea will be pleased as well.


This e-mail was sent to you by request from Louise Bettison
Please click on the following link to read the item:

Comment: Hi Mal, here’s a link to the story as it appeared in Western Suburbs Weekly on sept 23.



UPDATE: 16th November 2008

Here’s an associated jewellery link on I just found mentioning Bh – Another Time by kit&caboodle (thanks)!

Creative partnership of Jim Deane & Malcolm Enright aired again after 28 years – the 4mmm/fm104 radio station ID design Wednesday, Sep 3 2008 

This is a bit of a blast from the past (in more ways than one) – twelve days back, was the 28th anniversary of the first broadcast of Radio Station Fm104 (4MMM). That’s the day AM died and FM was launched in Brisbane. The station’s current content co-ordinator, a savvy young guy called Mikey Oliver managed to track me down via Anne Jones at ToadShow . . . Mikey was looking for archival stuff from the period, particularly our second logo. Yes, I still have all my originals stashed away and yes, my memory still serves me well! I mentioned the date and time in a spread-email late on the friday but Mikey’s link didn’t drop in via email until the following week. The link to the site is here.

The editorial says ‘the logos that didn’t make it’ but in fact I gave them the original drawings of the first pitch campaign that did in fact get Jim Deane and I (& Schofield Sherbon Baker) the business.

Mikey took all the layouts for the Peter Shannon station ID research boards as well as designs for 24 sheet posters and rate cards. These have been scanned and I’m happy the station has them to add to their historical data. The first launch TVC we did is also on the web. The next pencil drawing was the second ‘rev up your radio’ idea that borrowed on an idea from a favourite NYC illustrator – Seymour Chawst.

And finally my original idea and reved-up radio drawing and the first version of the handwritten logo idea.