Mother’s five rings + his softly spoken words have set up this private memento to Gwen using, appropriately – Mother of Pearl as the brooch base Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

Artisan becomes our retail headquarters ‘North of the Brisbane river’ with QAG/GOMA Gallery Store our ‘South of the river’ retail headquarters Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

Beginning of May 2009 marks our product re-launch with two cabinets full of new stock plus a competitive pricing structure especially set up for the venue. Gallery staff at Artisan have represented Jeweller to the Lost © now for many years, understanding the numerous styles, textures and gems that form part of Barbara’s rich retail therapy. As one of our two exclusive retail agents in Brisbane, Artisan also plays a role to initiate new commissions to the studio, by introducing their clients into our fold.

By the end of May 2009, to coordinate with the new ‘blockbuster’ show opening at QAG/GOMA our stock will also be refreshed in their two Gallery Stores.

Recycled emeralds & diamonds, in fact three important sentimental rings into one new Barbara Heath ring Monday, Apr 27 2009 


Another bespoke ring for Kirsti Simpson from her husband Paul Owen – this time its to match her J12 Chanel watch Monday, Apr 27 2009 

These two highly  polished surfaces are impossible for me to scan on the high-res Canon scanner – you see I use the scanner set to 7200 dpi as my camera . . . these surfaces need a white egg to cut down the reflections. I’ve fallen back on the S3500 Fujifilm camera set to 4 megapixels + photoshop filters to start to do justice to the ring.

The commission story is real interesting, Kirsti has this divine ceramic watch made for Chanel that she loves to death – Paul thought that the plain wedding band just didn’t do it beside the watch so he commissioned Barbara to make another wedding ring to match the Chanel gloss – we all think the studio delivered, don’t you? Here’s the “year in review” graphic prepared, see I told you!

His and hers matching Mokumé Gane integrated into 9ct Palladium White Gold bands by Barbara Heath Monday, Apr 27 2009 

These rings were commissioned in late December 2008 when the family was in Brisbane being festive, I do remember a concert by the “The Wiggles’ was mentioned. Emails were later shared with drawings and details as the sandwich of metals (Mokumé Gane) was handmade here in the studio by Juan-luis. 

The above image with graphics is part of the ‘year in review’ I do and usually post to the server each year . . . I’m now doing these as soon as each commission is finished and am presently sorting out an alternative viewing platform for the annual reviews as we have cancelled our account. I’ve uploaded these as powerpoints for the moment, they are downloadable on the viewersite server (links 5 through to 12), 2008 review is still under construction.

Two rings refurbished (and a myth busted), all for our friend and client – Jane Grealy Thursday, Apr 23 2009 

First, here’s the email Jane sent to a few friends as she excitedly informed them of her visit to Barbara’s studio that day:

Subject: on the chopping block…along with an urban myth. “I had to have some repairs done on my engagement ring so I thought I should take the opportunity to get my wedding ring enlarged as I haven’t been able to take it off my finger for quite a while. It had to be cut off by Juan-luis Gonzalez! Quite a disturbing experience – seen below closely supervised by Barbara Heath in her studio. Beth and I (and Thomas) greatly enjoyed the visit as Barbara allowed us to pour over her superb collection of jewels. So we should direct Thomas towards a career as a jeweler perhaps – he certainly showed much interest in the sparkly bits . . . Barbara also dispelled the myth (told at Justin’s wedding) about having to have your finger amputated (and sewn back on) if you had a titanium wedding ring as a titanium ring couldn’t be cut  i.e. if you really loved me you would wear a titanium wedding ring . . . did I really believe that…?!! Titanium can be cut”. Signed Jane

There are instruments to cut rings from fingers, Juan-luis reversed the blade direction in the saw, slipped the blade under the ring, fixed the blade into the saw and pushing and pulling in an upwards direction cut through the band. Both the the engagement and wedding bands were resized and finished. The setting and gem were checked and reset.

Client request: Repolish the gem, keep the old gold setting and give me one of your © Bh Roman Claw settings in 18ct yellow Gold Thursday, Apr 23 2009 

Janice Hiller bought the large Parti Sapphire for a song and came straight around with the ink on the receipt still wet . . . and set the commission in motion on the same day.

Fine picture frame mouldings from Jubilee Framers (by Tony Pace, Bellini from Melbourne) Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

Around September last year Stefan showed me his latest coup – European styled, bespoke mouldings and fillets from a new firm in Melbourne. I’ve now reacquainted myself with their catalogue and wish to present just four details of the many options available from the Ashgrove Avenue mirror and framing shop in Brisbane; Olive timber veneers – Gold & Silver gilding – Designer Collection – Contemporary Collection

Jubilee Framers <> Stefan Aleksiev (M) 0414 550 406

‘Behind the Green Door’ starlet dies today Wednesday, Apr 15 2009 

I remember Multivisuals, the photography and audio-visual studio run by John Callinan & the brilliant  U.K. photographer Terry Straight. I spent days and nights there during productions 1972– 1985. The 3 videos-in-one was a gift of the establishment. Marilyn Chambers started out in the first erotically charged, real movie plot and I guess porn was born, for better or worse. Half the world says it’s Satan’s stain, the rest of the perverts can’t get enough. What’s more – loads of people make money from both of these lines of business . . .

UPDATE: 14 July 2009 – Another piece of info on Marilyn Chambers from “A Book of Wonder” Selfridges & Co, 2007. This catalogue was produced for their Oxford Street Store and the opening of their Wonder Room. The nude pic from Page 45. The text follows (published prior to her death): Marilyn Ann Briggs, b 1952. American actress and daughter of a New York advertising man, Chambers had already made TV commercials and posed for magazine advertising, and played a small role opposite George Segal and Barbara Streisand in {The Owl and the Pussycat} before becoming a leading porn star. She was working topless in a San Francisco bar when Jim & Art Mitchell, casting their first feature [Behind the Green Door], spotted her. They looked through her portfolio, noticed a packet shot for Ivory Snow Soap Powder, in which she cuddled a baby next to the slogan “99 and 44/100 pure” and said You are just what we are looking for – the girl next door. The innocence of Marilyn Chambers, however was never more that skin deep. She was among the first stars to shave her pubic hair and certainly the first to have the lips of her vagina pierced for a labial ring.

14-July 2013 – update: I get over 100 search results for Marilyn Chambers hitting this and other posts I’ve done about her – every single week of the year. Here’s a recent find. . . . enjoy.

Further pic update – a still from the film, behind the green door. Monday Oct 13 2014.

New Mokumé Gane Ring © Barbara Heath Saturday, Apr 11 2009 

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