Wednesday afternoon in the Jeweller to the Lost studio – two jobs ready to go! Wednesday, Jul 27 2022 

Massive citrine dress ring and ‘yesterday-today-tomorrow’ diamond ring

Stock ready to bump-in to the St Margaret’s MAYO Arts Festival opening this Friday evening 29th July 2022 Wednesday, Jul 27 2022 

Barbara Heath – Jeweller to the Lost has been a participant since its inception in 2008 . . . here is one of the two stock trays ready to go.

Barbara’s recent ‘necklace to herself’ Wednesday, Jul 27 2022 

This style comes from a previous commission solution for Maria & Tom Parnell. They chose three © Bh chain links that have existed since the mid-eighties and with their vision and gem collection, breathed new energy into these lovely shapes.

Three shapes of hand-made, solid 9ct yellow gold 925 silver links and safety clasp with four gems in rub over settings. Included quartz, faceted champagne quartz and a bi-coloured tourmaline. Matted metal finishes.

From our tribal collection of time-less structures and historical jewellery elements Monday, Jul 25 2022 

Elements used as protective or decorative objects are always coming home to the studio as precursors or research stimulation

We both look forward to seeing some of you at the QAGOMA maker’s market Saturday July 2 2022 in Brisbane Thursday, Jun 30 2022 

New bold Lace and pearl Brooches in 925 silver with handmade brooch backs – x6 Akoya pearls and x1 Keshi pearl

Sue selected three of our sample shapes for Peter’s fused wedding ring replacement. All reminiscent of his earlier, worn out ring. Wednesday, May 25 2022 

© Bh Commission  Peter Rowsell wedding ring – one handmade ring comprising three joined bands, central V profile band flanked by a fine notched band (with small applied yellow gold detail) both in 18ct palladium white gold with a third band in low half-round profile 18ct yellow gold. Design as per sketch, total width of ring 6.5mm. Matt finish with polished highlights and inside. Size W

John specified his remade wedding ring ‘texture’ in architectural speak; “bush hammered” – so we worked up his request. Wednesday, May 25 2022 

His new ring is the bigger one shown:

© Bh Commission John Thong 2022 – handmake the new wedding ring #3 to sit beside the combined #1 + #2 in 18ct yellow and white gold band. New band is 4mm wide with ‘bush hammered’ finish. Size U.

“Barb, please copy these ancient Crotalia earrings for me in 18ct yellow gold and use these banded agate spheres?” Thursday, May 19 2022 

Dr Gael Phillips’ earrings in heavy yellow gold agates and posts

Here are the early Italian precursors:

Her 70th birthday present to herself Thursday, May 19 2022 

‘recycle-the-lot’ commissioned necklace, overall length to 73cm all 18ct yellow gold with previous gold settings, jewellery and rings recycled to a layered open work constructed ball shaped pendant and a reworked hand in-line element.

Erica’s Tahitian black pearls and her Mabé pearl and all her gold bits melted to make the detailed long gold links with her new ‘wrecker’s ball pendant and hand in-line detail, strung with knotted silk.

Sabine’s re-thread multi strand pearl and multi gemstone necklace from 2011 Saturday, May 14 2022 

We appreciate having your personal items returned for maintenance or change, this lovely is back exactly as it was originally made . . .

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