More snaps of the QAGOMA design market stock for sale for one day only, tomorrow. Friday, Dec 2 2022 

Just a note regarding the first two composites – I’ve shot the earring enhancers with an 18ct yellow gold pair of hinged sleepers . . . the sleepers are not included but many of our commission clients already have their own pair. One pair of the new extended hinged sleepers in 9ct yellow gold are in the sale stock – people can order sleepers from the studio.

We have bracelets, necklaces and brooches also, do visit tomorrow . . .

Tomorrow (Sat December 3, 2022) we will be at our usual spot under the QAGOMA awning at the Christmas Design Market Friday, Dec 2 2022 

All stock is priced below wholesale for the one day . . . 9:00am to 4:00pm

We hope to see you in person, if you are a regular and out-of-town call malE on his mobile?

Barbara and her Canadian jeweller ‘bestie’, Janis Kerman are doing a (make & swap) – here are Barbara’s designs for a pair of earring enhancers: Thursday, Nov 17 2022 

TOP: 18ct yellow gold ‘lace’ balls with white enamel fusion and industrial diamond crystals

MIDDLE: 18ct yellow gold ‘sticks’ over ‘lace’ balls with industrial diamond crystals

BASE: 18ct yellow gold extended ‘sticks’ with industrial diamond crystals

Let’s see which design goes to the bench to make?

Every so often someone asks for a (one off) hand stamped and formed bangle, the last one was on the 25/7/2012 Thursday, Nov 17 2022 

Started from a flat sheet of 18ct yellow gold, hand stamped and formed for Kaye Ryan’s hand and wrist size.

Her ‘dog brooch’ in the running shape of the prize winning border terrier ‘Ethel’ from the Bohunt stud in rural Victoria. Thursday, Nov 3 2022 

Two images to show off this fab commission by Jeweller to the Lost . . .

Barbara unset 64 lovely (old mine cuts & modern RBC) diamonds from numerous jewellery pieces received with a request to recycle everything into a brooch. An additional 21 baguette diamonds were sourced for the brooch rim. All 18ct palladium white gold in sculpted form with handmade double stainless steel back and silver safety chain.

Dame Quentin Bryce’s third pyramid lattice piece finished and delivered in a style we call ‘pearl sandwich’. Thursday, Nov 3 2022 

You will find Quentin’s earrings and brooch reproduced previously on our blog, this new ring compliments her previous commissions from Jeweller to the Lost.

925 bright silver with white cultured button pearls, hand made in the Brisbane studio with Love!

Our fourth Zanzibar ring finished and it has become her favourite . . . Thursday, Nov 3 2022 

We were gifted an antique sleeve weighted panel which came down through the Belloc family ages ago from Michael Allen and Vanessa Roche. A section of the 24ct repoussè gold has been cut and mounted to a design style Barbara has called ‘Holbein Knot’ which is informed by her interest in 16th century jewellery. Setting and shank in 18ct yellow gold. Name withheld by request.

Jane texted me today, her new ring collected last week hasn’t been off her finger yet Tuesday, Oct 11 2022 

© Bh 2022 Saddle Ring chunky pavé set gems. Yellow sapphire pear-cut cabochon, apricot sapphire, champagne diamonds, pink sapphire, diamond and a California tourmaline in 18ct yellow gold Size T1/2.

As soon as we posted the stock ready for the bump in at St Margarets MAYO festival, Jane was in like a flash to check out the new makes . . . the saddle ring caught her attention and she immediately commissioned her own version. Same style and finish only her own selection of gems from our collection, well done Jane!

Some commissioner’s just waltz in and connect to studio items and make perfectly plausible suggestions and its done and dusted Tuesday, Oct 11 2022 

Long sautoir using a stock *bi-metal finished necklace. Rhana sent up her costume earrings, we unset the six Baroque pearls and made up the other side with our long matt onyx beads . . . *18ct yellow gold and oxidised 925 silver

Maureen’s portrait of ronE and Barbara’s ring swap Tuesday, Oct 11 2022 

Barbara asked Maureen Hansen if she wanted to swap a portrait for a ring as Maureen had all her diamonds and scrap gold already . . . it was a studio slog for both of the girls and it worked our a treat.
We say a treat as both artists just went for it, no questions asked – just faith in each other delivering . . .

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