Barbara’s ‘hinged sleepers’ and her ‘earring enhancers’ have hit critical mass (both are now part of our retail range) . . . Saturday, Oct 9 2021 

Hinged sleepers were originally developed in response to an earlier exclusive retailer of ours; Sarah Hepler of Mecca, in Brisbane. Sarah was a savvy USA fashion stylist and golfer who wanted a solid gold, yet lightweight earring that could be worn 24/7. During active gym and sports activities, enhanced for day wear and then with gem additions for evening wear, even wearing the sleepers over night.

18ct solid yellow gold, 9ct solid yellow gold and 925 palladium solid silver

The studio has developed a new hinged 3D version in both round and a new oval design, all hand assembled. Now these are not for the High Street (quick-fix) fashion purchase . . . they are designed and built for a lifetime of use as long as clients treat then respectfully. Barbara continues to create her own suite of enhancers using elements from our collection and wholesale gems from the ‘jeweller to the lost’ studio stock.

Different versions of Barbara’s own earring enhancers made over the past thirty years

Here is some of the stock being prepared for this year’s commissioners ‘studio sale’ scheduled for November 27 & 28 – 2021:

ER ©Bh Enhancers Chandelier Drops polished Onyx discs 18ct yellow gold Queensland Boulder Opals 2=11.5cts tab set on oxidised 925 silver with 18ct yellow gold paper die circle links (with 18ct yellow gold hinged sleepers)
ER ©Bh Lace Ball with square jump ring in 9ct yellow gold 13mm diameter (with 9ct yellow gold hinged sleepers)
ER ©Bh Gem Enhancers in 9ct palladium white gold round brilliant cut Peridot 2=4.03ct claw set under rail (with 925 palladium silver oval hinged sleepers)
ER ©Bh Lace Ball with square jump ring in oxidised 925 silver 13mm diameter (with 925 palladium silver oval hinged sleepers)

Barbara’s second commissioned piece of writing for QAGOMA’s Met show (European Masterpieces) went live early this morning . . . Wednesday, Sep 22 2021 


Long drop commissioned earrings, our asymmetrical style working with all her own recycled family gems. Tuesday, Sep 21 2021 

Moonstones, diamonds and Australian opals in argentium silver from the Jeweller to the Lost studio

Commissioned small scale clip-on earrings in our pearl sandwich style Tuesday, Sep 21 2021 

Solid 18ct yellow gold grid and white half-drilled freshwater pearls

This ‘bigup’ ring is a man-sized one, a commission for a Handmark client in Hobart, Tasmania Tuesday, Sep 21 2021 

925 silver merged with 18ct yellow gold, hammer set oval polished onyx ring by Jeweller to the Lost studio

Solid 18ct yellow gold pearl block bracelet for sale in the studio Tuesday, Sep 14 2021 

Previous versions of ‘block’ style bracelets have been made as commissions. Fully articulated hinged elements with a ‘figure of eight’ safety clasp with fresh water gold button pearls.

Four other shots, click to view – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

All items for sale from the Jeweller to the Lost studio are priced at wholesale incl GST. We supply a replacement retail valuation for your insurance at the full ‘high-street’ price . . . call + 61 431 464 470 to book an appointment or send Barbara an email <>

Delivered on Tuesday evening by her daughter who spends Tuesdays here in the (jeweller to the lost) studio receiving one-on-one tuition from Barbara and Kirsten Friday, Sep 10 2021 

I should have shot a side image of these fantastic © Bh Earring Enhancers

Barbara has been doing these handmade hinged sleepers for over 35 years. Some clients have rationalised their jewellery and have gone further and commissioned gem enhancers . . . they wear their sleepers 24/7 and fit numerous enhancers for day or night wear. Lace balls in 9mm to 13mm in all metal types. Barbara’s early symbols and gems from our collection have been made for at least 30 clients that I can rattle off.

These are 18ct yellow gold hinged sleepers with 14mm Citrine Nirvana cut 2=16.25ct set in oxidised 925 Silver setting with four claws and suspension ring in 18ct yellow gold.

Barbara was called to judge the Toowoomba Biennial Jewellery Award and Exhibition last Friday Friday, Sep 10 2021 

Sarah Rayner / Queensland shared the first prize with Sophie Carnell / Tasmania – Kyoko Hashimoto / New South Wales was the second prize winner – Kierra-Jay Power won the student prize – Mari Hirata / Queensland + Gretal Ferguson / South Australia + Maddison Bygrave / Queensland + Anke Kindle / Victoria + Elfrun Lach / Victoria and the three winners were all purchased by the Toowoomba Regional Gallery on behalf of the Toowoomba Regional Council. Go to Instagram: @trartgalleries

Hi Barbara, It was very successful – I think I’m still recovering! The live-stream is certainly the way forward in the future – there has been over 300 views on the original livestream and close to 300 on the Instagram feed – we’re over the moon! Thank you for all your support and for taking on the judging task. We were thrilled to host you and hope you got to enjoy a little bit of Toowoomba while you were here. Thanks again and all the best,Tina

Tina Wilson

Promotion and Exhibition Officer (Mon-Wed)
Coordinator Exhibitions and Public Programs (Acting Thurs-Fri) Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

Mostly you have to wait for something made by hand Tuesday, Aug 31 2021 

Queensland opal, matt onyx polished onyx discs 18ct yellow gold #jewellertotheloststudio

This was a family affair Tuesday, Aug 31 2021 

the old chain was melted and remade in the same style – other gems were reset in #jewellertothelost symbols – for a lovely artist and friend of our family in Tasmania

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