Hobart’s Handmark Gallery – their new web presence is being updated each week – Barbara’s new image and bio is up today Thursday, Mar 26 2015 

We are represented in Hobart and Evandale by Alannah Dopson and her team. Retail jewellery and small sculpture stock at both locations and on-line with commissions managed by both outlet managers. We have shown there since 2009 and have built a steady following including many ‘Makers Mark’ clients from Melbourne who venture down now that the gallery has closed. Here is the direct link to Barbara Heath.

The first two weeks back in the studio – 1 multiple gem sale, 8 jobs finished and 6 design and quotes with clients Tuesday, Mar 17 2015 

Barbara and Tricia have cooked up a design inspired by her Native American Indian gem cuff, a recent  gift from her brother Paul. I sat working on the computer while they did their thing and I have to tell you how Tricia pushed the envelope with Barb, that Garnet offset is just pure genius! They have such great symbiotic, creative energy together . . . two lifetimes in the fashion business, Barbara says.

A large .pdf version of the rendered design is downloadable – here.

A closer detail of the rendering is pasted below:


Ziggy and ronE at Parattah Friday, Mar 6 2015 

Other shots in this private garden and colonial collector’s home we visited . . . the sandstone sculptures are all done by the owner also

First week in the studio for 2015, what you have missed since 2014 end: Friday, Mar 6 2015 

The last Christmas mail included our ‘membership card‘ of the THEATRE OF THE ACTORS OF REGARD via Peter Tyndall, nice! With christmas day and boxing day lunches over but still charged with cheer we cleaned and packed. Great journey down the Newell Highway to Melbourne where we caught up with designers & jewellers; Andrew, Justine & new baby Freya before heading to the boat – 1.5 m day time Bass Straight crossing then drove to Ray & Pat’s for late dinner and stop over. Claire (miss pink) Burnett and parents and locals, missed Marg and Steve Jones . . . + + + I’ve prepared 53 images filed (under tassie trip 22) – have lots to report but its Friday night! Some posts to FB and tumblr done on iPhone on the hop through Jan&Feb.

So pleased to say Hi to everyone . . .

Following day, I’ve been requested to complete the diary – the two big jobs this break were to finish the electrics and finish the paint removal from all the stone. The peel-away and water blasting was completed and our friend and stone mason Graton Whitney followed up and chipped out the mortar and freshly repointed all the stone to the front and back of the building. Needless to say, locals came up and volunteered info and names to match some of the initials. The shot below records the process at the half way mark.

Josh Nunn from Hobart completed all the electrics I started eight years ago with Peter Webster who has since retired. A few overhead hanging lamps but mostly points around the rooms at skirting board level + the smoke alarms that are now obligatory. Barbara is chuffed to have table lamps and lights at the front and back of the dwelling also.

Our close friends Alan and Linda Cooper who live between Ipswich and Woodbury sold one of their properties in Ipswich which meant they air-travelled back to sell and pack furniture and belongings. Breaking his beautiful restoration work at Woodbury for a couple of weeks – here is a pic of the cedar and blackwood work he is finishing in the first story ‘servants’ quarters at Woodbury. Alan built our replacement internal staircase at Tunbridge and has mentored us throughout our restoration. Dot and Mike Evans own the other two story building in town and had drinks for us to meet the new professional people who bought Kim & Joy’s house at 113 Main Road; Nova and Brian Miller who turned out to be web and marketing folk from the NSW southern highlands. Never a dull moment in southern midlands paradise . . . after the professors who live across the road in the Highland Shop alerted us to the radiation issue with Tasmania fracking happening on our door step. Aleah and Lawrence Poncini are scientists who run the Didel Institute and have the measured approach and have uncovered scandulous truths, we support and love the work they are involved in . . .

Only two trips to Hobart and both around dining pleasure. The first with Warwick Oakman inviting us to dinner with Les Lauder and Mark Howard who are also doing a Georgian refurbishment. I’ve done an earlier post on our visit to their house and garden – ‘Heathfield’ but I do want to show just one detail of their kitchen – they have installed a splash back with 18th & 19th century delft tiles that was truly eye candy. Lunch at ‘Frank’ planning Barbara’s next show with Allanah Dopson from Handmark Gallery was the other swish affair for this visit. Barbara’s next show is around the end of June 2015 with the UK painter – John Lendis. Warwick sold us a very early farm strap gate and up at Willow Court we bagged a smaller gate and estate posts which we will be reproducing for our Tunbridge property. Popped into ‘Flywheel’ – the stationery and letterpress store we have always missed previously and enjoyed that immensely.

Back home cleaning and we also managed to book a local with an excavator who removed the box thorn hedge to the south of the property – it took less that an hour to drag it all out by the roots and take away in the tip truck. Next our first touring trip to Roz MacAllan and John Potter’s food & art compound at Binnalong Bay where we all tested their new wood-fired oven and had Yotam’s Apricot, Wallnut and Lavender cake we made for desert. Steve Taylor from Avoca asked us to drop in on the way home and we scored plums, rhubarb and some brassware from his garage. Another long look through the spoils at Quail Street antiques owned by Jane who has also added ‘the lifeboat cafe’ to her growing concern. Concentrated kitchen activities with sauces, pastes, jams and more recipes from Yotam’s third cookbook using fruits from the garden. Friendly drop-ins for lunch and cuppas; we caught up with Steve and Marg, Alan & Lilly Rielly (our Brisbane neighbours), Richard Allom & Desley Campbell-Stewart, Rob & Lynne + their Mackay friends, Grahame, Anne and David Hesse with Laura Patterson. Paul Jones & Babe and an old potter friend (now blues musician) Phil McConnel & his wife Barbara who I haven’t seen for nearly 35 years.

Visited Richmond, I broke a early ‘paddle pop’ glass dome I purchased from Walter @ Co in the shop while packing it – that totally floored me then I went across the road and found an early colonial carved frame in fiddleback blackwood that cost me nothing . . . thats life . . . we also dropped in to see the Walkers at their lovely shop, I talked to Ben a little later on the phone searching for Baltic boards. Visited Longford to collect a lay-buy and managed a great catch-up with Michael McWilliams who has four William Morris & Co chairs we would love to have in Tunbridge. Barbara’s sleeping relatives in the graveyard close by were in an earlier FB post. Two more jugs for the collection from Peter Lane in Hobart and Tim Willis in Perth. A visit to Sallie & Graham Mulligan from Clockwise in Launceston for my annual clock hit. Fragments in Hobart for old fashioned electrical flex and lighting.

Next we started the search for 6″ antique Baltic pine to strip and prepare lengths for the ceiling and the back of staircase. Newly arrived locals came through with some (thanks Kevin & Raymond), up to see Brian Singline’s own urban archaeology pieces at Andy’s Salvage in Launceston where Andy let me have some of his own stash and some from my own collecting. I spent two weeks with heat gun sandpaper scraper stripper and fine sandpaper and finally meth to complete these boards. The locals have changed my nickname from ‘baldy’ to ‘scraper’ apparently . . .

Barbara concentrated on the garden next door, with mulch straw and watering + additional irrigation, transplanting and new plants to compliment her vision. Meeting with Patrick & Danielle who do the mowing etc when we are in Queensland for winter pruning and watering strategies has been fun.

A long drive to the top end and west to Wynyard and Fossil Bluff was planned after we saw  Dr Gael Phillip’s childhood collection from the beach. The headland is a geological delight but we were only allowed to collect from the beach now as then. Onto an overnight stay in Stanley where we loved the gardens, architecture, history and the Cape Grimm homestead. Jan Crossland has a small and well stocked collectables shop there also. I managed to see fellow Queenslander – ‘Odd Job Bob’ who lives with Glenda the post mistress of Stanley. Do include Stanley in your future Tassie touring . . .

My daughter Lil had her 36th birthday earlier in Feb and we had to wait to see her until she visited Hobart to see Emma & Ray, she collected her beau; Craig and did Mona and came up in time for the end of the SpeedShear at the Tunbridge Community Club and stayed for the night. The first time the points in the upstairs bathroom had been used . . .

Final people to see and connect with – George Burrows at the Black Snake Inn for a brief with mal E to do pennant and flag designs he wants to produce. Arts administrator and fellow artist and ‘Pataphyscian’ – Noel Frankham at his home at Dulcot. We stayed at Matthew’s beach and jetty house at Saratoga on the way home to catch Jean Pierre Khoury and to break our journey home.

We toured the property called ‘Heathfield’ on Davey Street Hobart Saturday, Feb 14 2015 



Warwick Oakman hosted a dinner to bring us together, they are high class antique & antiquity dealers from Freemantle, WA who have been restoring their very expansive early colonial building for the past twelve years. Mark Howard (left), Barbara and Les Lauder (right). The following day we met again and had the most detailed tour of their works and furnishings, which I have to admit was breathtakingly divine. For privacy’s sake I’ll hold back on details – rest assured we all got on like a house on fire. Their shops are here to view and do spend the time to dig deep into their web offerings.

Eleven ‘pinks’ taken at Tunbridge shop and residence while here on new year break Thursday, Jan 22 2015 

image-11 image-10image-9image-8 image-7 image-6 image-5 image-4 image-3 image-2 image-1

The Gallery|Medal as covered in the most recent edition of ‘ARTLINES’ 4/2014 for (December, January, February) Monday, Dec 29 2014 

The larger .pdf versions are downloadable: page one HERE and page two HERE

We were very excited to be handed this commission. The partnering with the gallery and foundation executives, the numerous processes required to create the medal pushed everyone to excel and then the unique packaging designed by us and produced by the gallery has exceeded everyone’s expectations – nice!

Bunting some thing, bunting fun thing . . . would go a long way wrapped around your tree Monday, Dec 22 2014 

A joyous thing for your backyard tree, something hand-made by K.T.

Her JEANBAG® enterprise branched out (pun intended) this year to bunting and I was a-taken-a-back by all the bunting I happened to notice since I saw her recycled denim handy work. I was so busy towards the end of the season to go get some + we don’t do a traditional tree BUT for all those fornicating trees in the backyard, I can think of nothing better!

A family affair – studio commissions rather than random finds while Christmas browsing Saturday, Dec 20 2014 

Lyn Taylor’s brief sheet starts with the date 1/10/2014 and notes delivery in time for Christmas wrapping . . . something for daughter Kate and two things for Lyn. Her large lace dish earrings with x10 of her old cut diamonds, her rubies and recycle her three family rings, white enamel fusion in 18ct yellow gold with those easy-to-wear hooks that Barbara and Juan-luis do so well.

The studio buys back the gold, unsets the stones, weighs and notes the gem details and uses refined gold for its purity. The rings were possibly from early 1900s but the diamonds were from much earlier times, being old rose cuts probably recycled when the rings were made. The diamonds were lovely and clear as were the rubies. We sourced more 2.5mm rubies to get the symmetry right. A large .pdf is here.

Lyn’s wide ‘saddle style’ ring (detail below) with her gold filigree removed from old ring and reapplied to a new © Bh ring with oxidised silver finish.

Kates new ring below using her Amethyst, (11.5mm x 7mm scissor cut 1=3.00ct) set into a tapered rectangular box setting, fitted low for protection and held with x4 claws. Setting is fitted to © Bh ‘cheapside style’ band with each shoulder junction having a cluster of beads as detail in organic style – set with yellow Sapphires and Tzavorite Garnets. 9ct palladium white gold with burnished finish.

I’m busy scanning and preparing posts while the two jewellers slog away on the final makes for the year. A few dedicated commissioners have opted to wait until the new year. More studio visitors who have returned to family here have visited and picked up gifts – most work is reconsigned to our three retailers but we keep studio favourites here for the next five days, right up to Christmas eve.

Another enterprise on Ashgrove Avenue, Ashgrove in Brisbane that so deserves some of your Christmas dollars . . . Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 

Kylie Johnson & ‘paperboatpress’ has been growing in artistic stature since 2003. As an ex-typographer, designer and creative director I have so much in common with her text/ceramics and her object paper works.  These have taken-off both locally and internationally now she has her shop and on-line shopping cart. I visited today to say “merry christmas” and to scout the shelves for holiday tree fodder. Her web is here – go buy! subscribe via RSS to her lovely blog and hop on the typographic journey she is on.

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