I just added two (pages) to the first column on the left – those pages that explain just what it is that we do Sunday, Nov 22 2009 

The first one positions our business – Enright Heath Pty Limited, the next page is the early explaination of  ‘jeweller to the lost’ (above) and the third page is another older © Bh manifesto from 1991 (below). Twenty years later nothing has radically changed in the operation, mostly just building better relationships through service and word-of-mouth with the world beating it’s way to our door (and we still don’t publish our address)! The studio has moved and the fax has been replaced by the world wide web, blogs now represent our daily activities to the world and the database of commissioners is still the most important back up we do.

Handmark Gallery opens in Evandale Tasmania and as Tasmanians, we were invited to participate Thursday, Nov 19 2009 

Nice to be amongst some friends and a host of other Tasmanian artists + another gallerist holding some of the Jeweller to the Lost – Barbara Heath jewellery range. We have sent out messages to Barbara’s relatives and our friends downunder, Dr. Adrian Franklin will open the affair on Friday 27 November at 6:00pm.

The rsvp closes on the 23rd November 2009 – 03 6223 7895 or <info@handmarkgallery.com>

Cupcakes say farewell, well for 4 months anyway . . . Sunday, Nov 15 2009 

Roz MacAllan and John Potter are off to Tasmania’s east coast, for their first extended stay at their Binalong Bay residence. Roz also starts her third blog based on the apple isle’s produce – it’s growers and harvesters, the regions and the seasonal fare. As one does they are eating (and drinking) their way through the island  – foodfindertasmania. The <about us> link shows an antique graphic revamped by mal E.

The mailer Hero piece was too hard to choose this year Thursday, Nov 12 2009 

. . . so we fell back to the latest retail piece, Brooch/Pendant © Bh Lace Oxidised Silver Antique Buttons Contemporary Buttons Stainless Steel. The piece emerged from a recent Necklace commission briefed by Diane Roberts, five antique buttons from her collection made with the lace work, neoprene linguini and a textured ‘S’ hook. I can’t show Diane’s piece yet as she only collects it this coming Saturday. Saturday UPDATE: Diane’s piece is here.

As usual, some commissions evolve from tweeking previous makes while some are born from client thoughts and the personal material they present. We have been using our own collection of buttons (as gems) for ages, our antique seals as remade objects of desire and still delight at recycling the myriad of found objects we are attracted to enough to keep. It also helps to have nearly thirty years of always pushing a new solution behind you, doesn’t it Barb? . . . never  satisfied with the easy way out – love your work guys! I also popped these on Kit & Caboodle just now.

The Barbara Heath Christmas Sale mailer is at the printers Thursday, Nov 12 2009 

the date is set, in fact we have two sales this year . . . our two day affair for commission clients only and the run-out until we close the studio on Dec 18, 2009 + we are doing the GOMA’twilight design market’, Friday Dec 11 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm in the forecourt outside the GOMA Store. So mark the dates!


Barbara Heath pieces off to Italy – Artisan Fair entitled l’artigiano fiera 2009 Thursday, Nov 5 2009 


Happy Birthday to ‘La Luna’, your fourth Commissioned Ring is complete and ready to collect Wednesday, Nov 4 2009 

Most difficult to scan highly polished curved metal without a white egg. Since I only use a flat bed scanner these days that makes it almost impossible to get great light through the gem itself . . . many Photoshop clone-tool clicks later we have an acceptable piece of documentation for the blog.

Yes, this is after-the-effect. The ring was collected last night and the birthday is today. Wendy prefers to remain tight-lipped about her forays here at the studio, so no sir names but I’ve not enough fingers to count her pieces of Barbara Heath clobber so far. Thanks and Happy Birthday babe!