A big surprise return of a Brooch that Barbara made in 1987 and found in a ‘moving house’ moment Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Roz MacAllan returned this brooch yesterday, we have the other nine away – we have always wondered why there were five crosses and only four circles? as Barbara would have made five each? Juan says he wasn’t around when Barb knocked these out. $65.00 each at the time . . . (Roz remarked about why the circles weren’t perfect circles and Barb said – “they’re just $65.00 circles Rozzie”!)

Hand cut Balsa wood bases with poster pigments & brass brooch back. Collaged newspaper cuttings, texts from books and actual 35mm proof sheets of Barbara’s photography at the time with 24ct gold leaf features. Noughts & Crosses Brooches at the Roz MacAllan Gallery 1987 © Bh They remain in our collection until someone wants them more . . . I grabbed all nine at the opening of the show and there is also a Peter Kent photograph of Barbara wearing the nine brooches that I’ll scan and upload  – here.

Here are the other nine: (which is your favorite one?).

Barb said to me that Roz should have the one she returned, she should.

My other blog Ephemeral-male has been featuring circles and x’s for some time now, I have cross-posted to it here for those interested in following the threads . . .

Dr Gael’s Opal Plesio wrapped in textured gold by Barbara Heath © 2011 Friday, Apr 29 2011 

To see the larger .pdf version – Click here  The designs were published earlier – here. In fact this commission has had the longest gestation to completion on record. The bench hours were strangely, almost exactly as Barbara had worked out only we short-changed ourselves, but went in with all the info at presentation time – “should cost  this but we will target to complete for this”.

Barbara and Juan-Luis approached this stone so cautiously, pushing and tweeking metal to hug every rounded surface without ever damaging the opal. Our patient client (and good friend) was kept in the loop and actually paid for the last (8) hours of extra work (at our cost) as a gesture to the studio’s perseverance and quality processes. Just so nice to be conducting business this way, with your client as an active working partner.

From: info@handmarkgallery.com Subject: Photos by Julien Scheffer Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Recent new works for Handmark Gallery from Barbara Heath, photographed by Julien Scheffer in Hobart. (with thanks to the Salamanca crew from mal E + Bh. Anyone needing a young, determined and on-the-way-up photographer, go here and make contact with Julien:

Photo projects: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliencs/sets/
Photo snaps: http://juliensphotos.shutterchance.com

This idea we developed today is already out there in the world (as a product) – wow! Monday, Apr 25 2011 

Easter break, sitting around after four days of work sanding and resurfacing the studio floor and all the accompanying issues that surface – re-jig this, move that, maybe change this? We could honestly spend another week moving the polisher and the sandblast booth, repacking the boxes of materials that once were seen as essentials, seldom used now but precious never the less.

Discussion always turns to the next exhibition – plant theme for AGHS works to be made by July 2011 in time for a National Conference in Maryborough, Queensland. ” . . . what about starting with a step and repeat vector pattern using the hexagon © Bh pattern. Could we then wrap it and extrude all the points to seem like it is pulled and constrained in a reducing diameter?” . . . I kid you not as we talked this through with a beer and I’m sitting upstairs with maybe 20 Tumblr archives I follow, open – I see this post:

An almost identically fabricated idea, done already with a completely different product outcome! We are never surprised but remain blown-away by this incident, so come Tuesday I’ll be sorting out this rendering with Bretty to take the idea further into Brooch land for Barbara.

Brooch request from a Melbourne client via the internet Thursday, Apr 21 2011 

The first email message received:

“Dear Mal, I am involved with a philanthropic trust as one of the trustees. We have had an extraordinarily devoted member of staff since the trust was formed about 12 years ago, and sadly she is going to retire. I was wondering what you might have in stock that would make a suitable gift for her.  As we are a charity we need to be circumspect. I am thinking around the $500 mark. Maybe a brooch? Would you mind sending me picture / price of anything you think is suitable.
Regards M.A.H.
The studio is mostly a place of makes, sure there are great cabinets full of samples, styles, gems etc but once we make the stuff we want it out in retailer’s showcases where the public might better interact and decide to purchase. So I find myself in the trays full of components and diving into stock boxes from shows past (and future). Nine scans later and M.A.H. shoots back two quick requests: “Mal, We like the top one (with the amethyst).  It doesn’t need to come by express post. We need it for just after Easter.  Should we phone to discuss so I can give you a credit card number?  If so please give me a call on . . . . . . .  – Regards, M.A.H.” + “Mal, I like this one myself!! Is it really about 6 cm square?  I think I’d like to see it at least. Could you send it down with the other one? Regards M.A.H.”

Asymmetric Lace Brooch © Bh New Paisley Taupe coloured Fresh Water Pearl Amethyst 925 Silver Hand made Safety Double Pin Back – studio wholesale to commission clients.

This Brooch was made for Studio Noko, Double Bay, a Summer Fashion show entitled ‘on the terrace’ for Barry Taffs of Covers in 1987. Coloured Titanium with Brass and Copper rivets © Bh. Barbara made two of everything at the time and after the show the hoard was wrapped in archival tissue and stored in boxes here. In 2004 they all came out for the QAG item review, were repacked and one has now gone to a great customer in fashionable Melbourne – so it pays to do your homework and ask the question in the first place.


The final email from M. A. H. waiting for me this morning: “Dear Mal, Your package was waiting for me when I got to work this morning. Both pieces are wonderful. It will be hard for me to present the amethyst one – it’s so beautiful I want to keep it!!  It will make a seriously good farewell gift and I very much appreciate the effort that went in to getting it here on time. I have transferred the cost of the titanium piece into your bank account. The amethyst payment will be made later next week as the only person in the . . . office today is the person who will be receiving the gift. Best wishes for Easter, Mary Anne H.

Recycled bone and ivory keep-sakes belonging to Rhyl Hinwood – Leaf Lattice Necklace © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Apr 20 2011 

When Barbara first settled in Brisbane and decided to stay, she positioned herself as the local jeweller. The first commissions started to flow from local designers and fellow artists who became friends of Jeweller to the Lost. “Rob and Rhyl Hinwood were so special to me in those early days, they went out of their way to support my craft and introduce me into the local art scene. We have all remained supportive to one another and stay firm friends.”

Rhyl is preparing a little piece of copy about the elements in this necklace, meanwhile I’m posting this image and will update when the copy is to hand – the link is in purple, above . . .

Leaf Lattice 925 Silver elements mounted and strung together with silver jump rings and our studio favorite, matt black onyx lozenge beads + the banded agate came from a ring she remembers her Grandfather wearing. The carved knuckle bone has been recycled as the ring in the © Bh Bar & Ring Clasp.

Bunch and I designed Rhyl’s web site years ago, her son Matthew manages it now, here’s a link to her wonderful world.

A couple of personal shots from recent Tasmania visit Monday, Apr 18 2011 

Barbara and Suzanne did the 6 day Overland Track from Cradle Mountain after the recent Handmark show in Salamanca, Hobart. This is posted on Suzanne’s Flickr stream.

Janey Mac and Brett stayed a night at Tunbridge while on their band’s recent tour to Tasmania (Good Ship – Bad Ship). Image of mal E & Bretty taken on that iPhone app that everyone seems to use now (blame Justin Brown for that). This is posted on my Facebook page (and Janey Mac’s) . . .

“. . . its out there” – ring for Tina Ashworth © Bh 2011 Saturday, Apr 9 2011 

The second © Bh grid brooch for March–April 2011 Saturday, Apr 9 2011 

This second one will support a selection of Grid Brooches we are preparing for the two forthcoming ‘art affairs’ Brisbane Grammar School‘s ‘Momentum Art Show 2011’ & the ‘2011 St Margaret’s Mayo Festival’. Double Grid 925 Silver Leaf Lattice 18ct Yellow Gold Marquise cut Green Tourmaline Stainless Steel.

The first © Bh Commission Brooch was a very personal affair – ” A gift from the friends and colleagues of Brit Andresen at the University of Queensland”.

X earrings from Jeweller to the Lost Wednesday, Apr 6 2011 

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