Ephemera collection re-jig over Easter 2003 because Allan Carter’s Tv crew are here on Tuesday Tuesday, Apr 22 2003 

Botanica – a collaborative sculpture between Barbara Heath & Matt Tobin Thursday, Apr 17 2003 

The first concept board worked up by mal E for the artists, we looked into the history of the region and found the Spring Hill locality boasted this climbing fern, ‘selaginella brisbanensis’. (C- unique to the site. It was to become the unique locator for the project indeed. See (A- the fascia runs the entire length of three large buildings created by Nettelton Tribe Architects at Roma Street Parkland, bordering the Roma Street Station. See (B-a section of the visual concourse incorporating the patterned ground of rust coloured panels reflecting the history of the site as a railway yard – reflecting the colours of the goods carriages and rail lines and the aluminium plant form with leaves tilting to the sun. See(D1 & D2-the two aluminium profiles.

We pitched to a committee made up from The Public Art Agency, the Architects and those qualified folk at the Brisbane City Council’s Urban Design unit. That committee decided to merge a collaboration between two of the pitching parties, Barbara Heath studio for their concept and design expertise & their fabrication process follow-through and Matt Tobin from Urban Art Project, like wise for their similar design prowess & their formidable production capability. The partnership worked well with both designers and their teams working well with the project’s architects and the construction firm Pradella. This is the coloured rendering of the project. Here is the final designed project as a powerpoint file. We will follow through with additional info as the blog progresses to build, here’s the artist’s panel for the project and some progress shots below.

Trip to Canberra & Mallacoota Wednesday, Apr 2 2003 

The first time we saw these contemporary mannequins, was in David Jones in Canberra – since then we’ve spotted them elsewhere . . . even in Hervey Bay with Jean-Pierre Khoury when we went whale watching and opportunity shop hunting on another Easter break. Just like walking down Shafston Street Kangaroo Point these days, I can’t tell what sex most of the Asian students are? – Jean-Pierre does though!