Commission for Ilana Elisha © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Aug 28 2002 

Retail Bling at Makers Mark – Melbourne & Sydney Monday, Aug 19 2002 

here’s the viewer page link for the high-res downloadable .pdf:

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Peter Anderson’s talk this Saturday 14th August 2002 Monday, Aug 12 2002 

The final closure to the saga of the forced sale of my contemporary art collection I guess, a small group of friends, mainly artists turned out to hear Peter Anderson’s talk. The UAM hung the works I gifted. I was so happy that the department that Nancy Underhill gave her energy to over all those years was to be the recipient of more works that could join the collection and become a teaching aid in the Art History Department and the University Art Museum at the University of Queensland.

The positioning on the card says – “Sells all manner of antiques, small & large at reasonable rates” – that’s Michael Allen’s promise. Friday, Aug 2 2002 

Most graphic design these days involves active listening, content facilitation and partnering in the edit suite – this is the front and side window design for Michael & Vanessa’s Stanley Street East, East Brisbane antique store. The typography has had a few changes since posting this graphic, the QADA logo I did only lasted one year but the silhouettes have remained a corner stone of their identity. Michael and I were on-line finding 17th C oak carver chairs, downloading converting on the fly to line, photoshoping images to make this a reality – just how much fun can a bloke have earning $1,000.00 a day?

Mitsuro Collection © Barbara Heath Friday, Aug 2 2002 

Rings in Memory of Peter O’Gorman © Barbara Heath Friday, Aug 2 2002