Another exciting engagement ring passed on to the customer today Friday, Jul 31 2009 

. . . trouble is, he has to wait another two weeks before he asks the question. So there’s an embargo on the image until then. Blog readers will just have to make do with this piece from my ephemera collection until Chris performs his maiden speech:

Messages received: Chris liked his likeness + Jennifer just got the surprise of her life!

Newest commission via our Brisbane retailer – Artisan Friday, Jul 24 2009 

How often do we hear this – in fact Suzie Aboud articulated the situation so well; “I’ve got this diamond ring from my Mother and when I wear it I look at my hand and see her hand – the memory is important to me but I want to make it mine”. A commission meeting, the stone is popped out, three trays of Barbara Heath ring models are reviewed and a decision is made on the spot. “I’ll have mine without the enamel, the stone here and the finish like this one but polish the raised parts”. Simpler than a commission, just a finger size, the metal defined and a deadline agreed . . . the bespoke price is also reduced when we utilise design already developed by using the Bh ring models from our own range.

The text message from Lil and Luke said “Dad and Barb! we are off to have 30 days in the sun – in Spain” Friday, Jul 24 2009 

while the picture shows an all-together-different side . . . no helmets, one hand on the wheel, the driver isn’t even looking where she is going! Every parent’s nightmare. The image above is one of thirty or so that drop into my email account daily from a New York designer – Eric Baker who runs a strategy and design agency, recently renamed to THE  O GROUP. Eric spends his off-peak hours trawling blogs for interesting visual ephemera and graphic delights and sends around 10 Mb’s worth out to his world, daily. I dropped Peter Tyndall into Eric’s world and Peter calls his emails “Baker’s Delights” – so apt and so much fun. Check out Eric’s business web, the link is live above.

Barbara’s new ‘Ring to Herself’ for her 55th Birthday Thursday, Jul 16 2009 

The style is called – big-up, the construction is our ‘basket setting’ style in 18ct Yellow Gold. The “hero” gem was sourced in Sydney from George Palos while the Diamonds are from Storch and Co., Sydney © Jeweller to the Lost – Barbara Heath – Brisbane. All photography is done on the flat bed CanonScan 8800F scanner at the studio with the remaining digital realisation by mal E in Photoshop – CS3 version.

Pleasantly surprised at so many responses from Ning – Kit&Caboodle friends who have responded to the above shots posted there. Roz MacAllan requested a shot on Barbara’s hand – see responses below – onetwothree.

His first brief to Barbara set her on the commissioning path Thursday, Jul 16 2009 

The latest commission for Graham Bligh was delivered today, to be worn this evening at an RAIA function in Brisbane. Graham will be joined by his son Roderick, an engineer and his son Christopher, an architect. (three Bligh’s in the one boat – smooth sailing laddies!) . . . with thanks from mal E & Barbara Heath.

Some of the 1960’s Brisbane design that surfaced at my 60th birthday party Tuesday, Jul 14 2009 

The venue for my party – Simpatico is owned by Mitch Thompson, we go right back to the days of social revolution in this once sleepy town. I did this logo for the shop Mitch ran with David Guthrie and Brian Laver in the Brisbane Arcade. It was a real blast to see Mitch and David at my party.

My (fairy) – God Mother, Ada aka Michael Ashley was asked to speak at my party but she flew-the-coup. Just as well because she knows more dirt than all the other speakers combined, what she did do was bundle up a care-pack with photos, cards and a message straight from the swinging 60’s. (it arrived in the post). For those who joined us and reminisced about early adult exploits, here are the visual reminders – The first Red Orb cardA Red Orb pass out –  Card from de BrazilsTony Robinson’s Playboy ClubCard from Willi’s BazzarCard from Hair that I designedtwo flyers for bands we followed (The Purple Hearts & Thursday’s Children) – Holly Go Lightly’s Travelling Card.

It’s yer birthday, it’s a milestone – so take the day off, says my Father . . . Monday, Jul 6 2009 

So, the first day of my 60th year starts well. Emails, phone calls, presents and a slow breakfast hasseled by the cat & the dog (they know somethings up, we didn’t get up and go straight over the hill for exercise and straight down to work). Barbara and Lil have planned a 60th celebration for me tomorrow night, exactly 100 rsvp’s received with 36 well wishers either overseas or dispersed in other States and 21 rsvp’d with other scheduled events.

The invite was printed by Tom Lusch at Platypus Graphics as a gesture of thanks for all the print jobs passed his way in my lifetime. I started with a collage of portraits leading to the big six-oh but in the end I opted for simplicity – in design its mostly the stuff you leave out that shouts the loudest . . . and this was confirmed with the overwhelming positive response to the invite. We all look forward to an interesting evening and tomorrow night’s full lunar blessing, my friend and art patron Crow Hurst is supplying and pouring his New Zealand premium wine brands in his lead-free crystal also – our cups runneth over!

The x5 page downloadable .pdf has been updated three times already, it names all the people responsible – here.

The movie is made from two sets of pics supplied by Lil and Steven Thompson, George T has some also but not represented. The Dusty Springfield track is a favourite, the movie is a 12.2Mb download – here.

Eleven people used the invite image to stunning use, David Darling went even further with his card below:

Passed on from Cathy at Kit and Caboodle, Barbara’s pic on the New Zealand jewellery blog – ‘paua dreams’ Monday, Jul 6 2009 

Many hands make light work Friday, Jul 3 2009 

The bigger version is the downloadable .pdf – here Another internet commission from great clients who reside in Sydney and do their bespoke shopping via emails and the web.

Update: 27-8-2009 Krista sent a thank-you card today – one that was so carefully chosen & came with such choice words. A small version below: