In this case, the precursor, a Silver Salver (engraved USA fraternity token) given to Barbara by antique dealer – Mrs Bebe Senior, just seemed to create it’s own show. At the instant Bebe told Barbara she couldn’t sell the thing because of the vulgar male initiation texts engraved upon it, Barbara thought that in fact it would be a perfect base for a show she was contemplating at Christine Pløtz, a young contemporary art dealer, the new wonder-kid on the block in Brisbane. Barbara got to work almost immediately, cut the offending texts from the salver and created a series of men’s sized rings from the cutouts. Barbara crafted her texts and with Malcolm Enright, they devised a wall-based strategy to present the works as (indicators to initiation rites of the Kali Yuga). The framed piece remains in the Jeweller to the Lost studio in Brisbane to this day.