Finished Friday afternoon – the tension was over and we opened a bottle of Tasmanian champagne! Monday, Nov 28 2011 

Barbara’s Bud Earring design is a ‘tension-set’ headache when incorporated with a stone like a beautiful Tanzanite, with a 6.5 –7 grading on the hardness (Moh’s Scale) it isn’t the easiest gem to set. It is a very expensive and divine gemstone in the first place, playing with the colour change effects – Barbara’s open aired design shows off the stone to great effect when enhanced by artificial light. Juan-Luis likes that they are screw-ons that don’t look like they are . . .

Just delivered these so I’m able to post this at last. They were drawn to Patricia like iron to a magnet, they are screw-ons so we were insistent they be screwed so tight that there be pain now rather than later. Those stones are 200% brighter than the scans I’ve prepared, so divine!

Studio Sale preparation is well advanced, even the house cleaner turned up today as planned Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 

This well-scrubbed shot was taken in October 2010, in the foyer area and was just recently posted on my Facebook page.  Lots of complimentary symbols amongst us that we only noticed later on . . . moons discs circles & black!

Next weekend on Saturday the 26th November 2011 will be the 5th Gallery Store -‘Christmas Design Market’. 9:00am–4:00pm at the GOMA Store entrance & Bodhi Tree Terrace, Stanley Place, South Brisbane. Emails received today had all the details except the actual place we will be given in the large Marquee – just plan to be there and do some fun outside shopping this year!

Two recent commissions recycling client’s materials that were collected this morning Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 

Both of these images are clipped from the powerpoint of the 2011 review I just posted.

The powerpoint of 2011 work-in-progress is now posted on the server Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 

There are two 2011 powerpoint versions, both are 43 slides worth and sized at 14.4Mb download – one is saved as the old .ppt format and the other one is the newer .pptx extension. This a great visual walk through of this year’s work outcomes, we hope you enjoy the range of work as much as we have enjoyed creating it, remember that all works are precursors (and ideas) towards the next brief that is coming our way . . .

a merged shot of the first and second slide . . .

All powerpoints and c.v’s etc are to be found on the directory in list form, here:

Thanks for viewing!

The Jeweller to the Lost – 2011 Commissioner’s List is now complete and posted in many different forms Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 

The printed version was posted to the mailing addresses we have from job sheets yesterday. The master list from 1989 we call “the lot” was uploaded to the Pages area, (above left) 2nd down the list, late last week. Those clients and friends who wish to download and view the ‘year in review’ – .pdf version should click here.

Those in the know will also want to read this to find our who has dared to commission this year and most importantly, get the two 2011 Studio Sale dates and times for this year’s festivities. Here’s a snapshot for the diary and time planner.



Ring and Bracelet designs for client review and response Friday, Nov 11 2011 


Barbara Heath © Interlocking Rings (since 1979) – a platinum and 18ct Yellow Gold enquiry today from Perth WA Thursday, Nov 3 2011 



Below is the first post (updated to 2011) on these thin & square finish friendship/engagement/commemorative rings