New stock ring – the style is ‘lace dish’ with white enamel fusion Monday, Oct 28 2013 

Barbara Heath © 2013 – Stock Ring: 18ct yellow gold with white enamel fusion with bead set trillion cut Iolites by  Jeweller to the Lost

Collected today – he saw it for the first time this afternoon, she will see it for real tonight + we are excited Sunday, Oct 27 2013 

Sally saw an earlier ‘another time’ Garnet and white Enamel fusion ring on the stock trays in the studio. We unset the gem and started again as it was the last antique (carbuncle cut) we had. Restyled in 18ct yellow Gold set with (round brilliant cut) graduated Diamonds. In Barbara’s words – “pretty well bullet proof”. Another commission via word-of-mouth, lovely.

Delivered tomorrow – two © Barbara Heath ‘lace’ pieces, a pendant and cuff set in 18ct pink gold Thursday, Oct 24 2013 

Commissioned as a dual wedding gift. Our one-off ‘lace’ sphere pendant with a handmade Niobium cable with an 18ct gold precision bayonet clasp made for us by Christopher A. Hentz in Baton Rouge USA. The half round ‘lace’ cuffs have handmade chain and bars that have been perfected by the studio and are just the thing for single or double cuffs.

Another version of our ‘Roman Claw’ for a family solid white opal into a ring for Bessie’s middle finger Friday, Oct 18 2013 

Here are two shots taken prior to collection. The earlier blog post detailed the brief and design. Again, we are so thankful being the ‘family jeweller’ to these wonderful folk, its all about being there when something happens or something is needed.


Liz Williamson’s ‘big up’ Grid Ring back to the way it was made Friday, Oct 18 2013 

This lovely Barbara Heath ring sustained a serious blow to the side and the entire double set of grids moved considerably. The task was to work out just what element had to be coaxed back first and then work to align all the angles. Handmade in 18ct yellow gold with oxidised 925 silver – sending this much loved and well worn ring home today in an express bag.

Barbara handmade this chain for her Mother in the Brisbane Arcade in the mid 1980s . . . Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

. . . her sister Suzanne inherited the chain and the studio has now added Suzanne’s childhood Mexican charms from Tasco combined with our signature matt onyx beads to bring the necklace ‘up-to-date’.

This is what happens when client’s have Sautoirs and Necklaces made by the studio, they have all their other pieces restrung and reclasped with our workable fixings Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

There are numerous sizes and options to Barbara’s handmade ‘bar & ring ‘ clasps. Textured and plain in multiple metal options, some with gems set in the ring clasp – here we have handmade 925 Silver with Dr Gael Phillips’ oval antique ‘millefiori’ Venetian beads. Ready-to-wear anywhere (and dance floor strength into the bargain).

More kiddy photos, this time its ronE’s 3rd birthday on tuesday Friday, Oct 11 2013 

yep, he’s 21 and a bearable border terrier . . .

Issue 4 of the online ‘fashion archive’ launched tuesday this week, I’ve only had time to post on Facbook and have sent a dozen emails to friends mentioned in the texts Friday, Oct 11 2013 




In fact Barbara ‘s Q&A was in #3 and my Q&A followed in #4. Liz Golding and Tim Gruchy sent personal messages of support, as did the two co-directors of the archive. Barbara and my resource collections are also covered in #4 in an article entitled ‘pieced together’ – here are the two links – Q&A  – Collections. We do hope you will make it a must read, go back and start from #1 and follow this exciting Brisbane fashion initiative.

Any old jeans, any old jean any any old denim . . . jeans . . . to donate to KT? Friday, Oct 11 2013 

Multi faceted Brisbane identity and designer – K.T. Doyle is ‘away with the denims’, these days. Her JeanBag© is a recycled homewares product born of opportunity, wit and support by the Brisbane City Council. Her ongoing creative enterprise is documented in her wordpress blog – click here. We dropped off a small parcel of denim today and this lovely card awaited us. Go and read about her product and if you have spare denim to donate for a great cause, email her at <>

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