The last shot with Barbara doing the final wash ‘n polish Saturday, Apr 15 2000 

My second public art project – created for Central Plaza Two at the corner of Creek and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane. The project was managed by Artworkers Alliance, G&B Stainless did the fabrication and the Lansdowne Street studio designed and created all the cutting artworks. In fact we all worked together to design, render and animate numerous views, we created a web site to show the artwork in 360˚ to the clients and then the final vector artworks.

The artwork was designed to have running water as part of the installation, the drought played havoc with that idea and the client eventually created art lighting to support the piece. We love this artwork and we have managed to see it from many different office locations – many people have made comments to us about their relationship with this artwork as well.

Fifth installation shot Saturday, Apr 15 2000 

Fourth installation shot Saturday, Apr 15 2000 

Third installation shot Saturday, Apr 15 2000 

Second installation shot Saturday, Apr 15 2000 

First installation shot – a tree, a rock, a cloud Saturday, Apr 15 2000 


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