Engagement Ring from Cliff to Laura © Barbara Heath Friday, Sep 14 2007 

Commissions come mainly from some intimate connections – however these are made, is left to the universe. malE’s daughter Lil works in human resource, driving high quality outcomes for new and existing clients and candidates. Lil works with Emily Thompson, Laura’s sister. We get a call from Lil, can you make this design – Laura has fallen in love with it but she wants a real ‘cornflower blue’ Ceylon Sapphire – yes an un-treated one! Barbara has a quick reaction – “I don’t do stuff that straight”! . . .

mal E gets crack’in . . . calls and sources three real Ceylon Sapphires, goes to great lengths to match with white, clean Diamonds and Barbara throws everything at a clean, elegant, wax-based construction and malE is on a plane to Adelaide to present prices and stones to Cliff and Laura. To be truthful, he has another agenda, he has a 1790 London made Bracket Clock by William Ward he has saved for, for ages to collect in person and fly back in his lap – all goes well. mal E calls the Sydney gem dealer, George Palos to thanks him and then calls Barb to say he’s on the air side and through the security successfully.

The commission went the way they usually go, we were commissioned to do the wedding rings and next week we are receiving more Sapphires from Laura, another gift from her dear Mum – earrings for the wedding set down for August 2008.

Bob Magnus supplies our first fruit trees for Tunbridge, Tasmania. Wednesday, Sep 12 2007 

Tunbridge visit 6 – Barb & mal E, Curly & Ferret plant 7 fruit trees on the block next door to our residence and shop. Curly aka Rodney Hazelwood, Ferret aka Kevin Bowerman assisted us with the trellis, another neighbour, Billy Lodge gave us a hand with digging the rows with his ripper – truly, Tunbridge is ‘can do community’.

Allan Cooper and Barbara Heath inspect the progress at Woodbury House, Tasmania. Saturday, Sep 8 2007 

Four different languages on commemoration pillar c1824 at Hutton Park, Tasmania Monday, Sep 3 2007