Word of warning – the moment you feel that a stone is loose in a setting, arrange for it to come to the studio asap Saturday, Oct 29 2011 

This 2007 commissioned ring is one of Barbara’s all time favorites, the private story, Neil’s sensitive dialogue, Pat’s wonderment of something so strange coming into her life . . . well the Chrome Tourmaline left home (as we say). No big memorable knock, no rattling in the setting – just noticed it gone one day! We were as surprised as the owners as the amount of metal rubbed over the stone is huge. With a new gem stone found and reset it is back on the finger again. Both the studio and insurance company to the rescue.

Urban_Archaeology – kitchenalia shots for Vanessa Saturday, Oct 22 2011 

At Father Grice’s church hall on Dornoch Terrace, West End this Wednesday evening, Vanessa Roche is presenting a powerpoint and guiding us through (a capital K’s worth of kitchenalia objects) – 07 3891 1048 for more info . . . Here are three shots of wooden moulds from the collection, I’ve dusted them off to lend her for the night. Including tin ware and the early cast iron pieces she requested. Vanessa & Michael have been busy of late with their new baby duties hence the need to call in favours because there is no time to go through their holdings which Michael says is mostly sold feverish collectors like us!  The Brisbane Collectors Society runs a terrific evening, they were started by amongst other (a so terribly missed friend of ours: Derick Jackson). So here is a link to all of those lost trades illustrated by Nicholas de Larmessin. (French, 1640-1725).

These two wooden moulds above came from the Easter Chocolate factory under the Grey Street bridge in Brisbane around 1978. The antique dealer Ian Still (now deceased) and I bought all the metal lollie making machines, assorted ephemera and signs from the demolishers.

Emails are running hot re: forthcoming studio gem sale Thursday, Oct 20 2011 

First, a call from Perth asking what else we have on those trays? “But Debra, you have everything already!” . . . “those recent emerald, diamond and tanzanite lace drops that we haven’t published as a final item, as yet” . . . and then this tanzanite pair recently purchased by another fashion/gem fanatic in Brisbane:

His Dad’s wedding ring was handed to us so thin it had worn itself apart Monday, Oct 17 2011 

Barbara cautions me to say that “we don’t do repairs for other people’s jewellery” . . . but Allan Cooper isn’t just (any other person), he’s my soul-brother! This ring is from the U.K. – 1937, his Dad’s wedding ring that he wore every day that he was alive and married. It went to Allan after his Mum’s passing 16 years ago and he has worn it every day until it was handed to us with scrap pieces of family’s gold to make whole again.

(2) hours for Juan-Luis to forge and merge and finish, hey! its not even a job – its a boomerang for all the help we have received for advice and assistance on our Tunbridge building. Remember that Allan and Linda Cooper are restoring Woodbury House, not 11 minutes down the Midland Highway from us in Tasmania.

The studio Border Terrier, little ronE . . . is 1 today Saturday, Oct 8 2011 

The other three shots – 0netwothree and the cake is gone, for he’s a jolly good (lucky) fellow!

Advance warning on dates for three possible Christmas scoops at Jeweller to the Lost Thursday, Oct 6 2011 

1) – GOMA Market Day this year will be an all-day affair, SATURDAY 26th November from 9:00am till 4:00pm. Yes, we collect stock from our retailers (and the studio) and mark down each item to wholesale incl GST in preparation for our own studio sale.

2) We are making ourselves available to do gem sales only for one day in early December, SATURDAY 3rd when all gem stock will be reduced by 20%.

3) Our annual studio sale for commission clients will be on SATURDAY 10th & SUNDAY 11th December – everything will be reduced to wholesale incl GST for the two days only.

The commissions list for 2011 is a whopper, our mail-out to thank and advise clients will happen as usual – this year the new deal is our separate two day gem sale opportunity. Our gems are never marked up a lot, we buy for our own collection and then let them go . . . in fact commission clients are always pleasantly surprised at our wholesale offerings, so get your gem in advance of next year’s brief! Large downloadable pic.

Two shots sent to us by Gary Sauer-Thompson, two things dear to our hearts Saturday, Oct 1 2011 

The old Tunbridge store, Rothwell & Son, Bowerman’s Store, Hazelwood’s Shop, 51 Old Main Road or Barbara and Mal’s pet project which ever way you want to look at it . . . large image as a .pdf here.

The Blackman River taken on the western side of the Midland Highway. The larger .pdf is here.

Gary Sauer-Thompson is a blogger who works in parallel, a Doctor of Philosophy, a seriously political being, a photographer 24 hours of the day (and night) and he is Barbara’s sister’s partner. His x5 strand blog can be accessed here (Rhizomes on the left [tab] will drop you into his own  photographic essays).