Last day of the financial year 2010–2011 and every gem priced and in their trays ready for stocktake starting tomorrow Thursday, Jun 30 2011 

Three jobs collected and out the door, two more quotes from yesterday approved and work well under way for the metal & enameled banksia leaves for the AGHS artworks for merchandising at the Maryborough conference.

+ the ‘Texas lady’ approves her Tanzanite, Emerald and Diamond articulated Double Lace Ball © Bh Earrings also. What a closure!

+ 4 parcels of stock on rotation from Handmark Gallery, Hobart back to be consigned to the Momentum art show at Brisbane Grammar School in August 2011 . . . and the Brisbane weather is divine at the moment also. If only those politicians could get their acts together and get some confidence back into the retail sector?

Cut out squares © Bh – Wedding Rings for Sherron & Richard Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

18ct Yellow Gold – an early classic Barbara Heath design selected by a dear client and his new partner.

Enhancer design © Bh Commission for Jenny McCaughey – an intended gift Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

Customers are now wanting to add gems to their hand made Earring Hinged Sleepers, we have three requests I’m processing at the moment – here’s the first of two for one of our favourite people!

The second pair for Jenny herself, above. The setting is almost invisible, we call it a basket setting. The jump ring is very tight to the top to take the sleeper, set in 18ct Palladium White Gold. I’ve laid the gems down flat to the scanner but they have scanned with too much information. I’ve added a side shot which still doesn’t communicate the blast of clean light colour evident in these rather special cut Amethysts.

No big 2011 bonfire in the backyard this year Thursday, Jun 23 2011 

Honestly, we really felt the shortest day and the longest night here in Brisbane this year, Barb and I spent the evening in the bedroom chatting about the next year with several candles lit, both laptops and numerous books as we watched the clock turn over at midnight . . . we also watched the sun set earlier at its lowest point in the west, that point is etched into the glass with an X on the verandah windows. We look forward to longer days, re-growth in both the landscape of the mind and working on a cleaner environment.

This is really a ‘bridge’ © Bh Ring but in Barb’s language it is ‘roman claw’ as well – another private commission just completed Sunday, Jun 19 2011 

Pavé set Peridots in 18ct Yellow Gold for R. H.

Delivered tomorrow – made a second time, the yellow that Tricia couldn’t live without Sunday, Jun 19 2011 

Yellow Sapphire Diamonds 18ct Yellow Gold © Bh 2011 for Particia Crowley

Two rings fused into a third ring © Bh 2011 Friday, Jun 17 2011 

Two rings from the family, one 18ct one 22ct are merged as one band – fused and reticulated the final ring shows the subtle colour shift where the two golds blend. In fact all the touch marks of both rings have been positioned and are both still evident, the Bh one is stamped into the underside of the top of the ring. Commissioned ring © Bh 2011

Larger image here . . .

The annual – Artisan studio tour delivered 29 interested people to our door two weekends ago Tuesday, Jun 14 2011 

We were first cab of the rank, well it took a large bus to transport everyone on the studio crawl . . . three artists in the morning and three in the afternoon. Barbara registered in the arvo session and got to see inside three other artist’s studios, a nice idea and now in its third year.

Barbara does a talk to Brisbane Lyceum Club Brisbane incorporated on Monday 6 June at Wesley House Thursday, Jun 9 2011 

Barbara’s research trip to St Petersburg, London & New York in 2007 was again featured when Barbara showed her powerpoint presentation of the 16th century jewellery  research that was centered on the collection of the Museum of London. Do read the follow up comment from the Lyceum President in the comments section of this post.

The fifth © Bh Signature Bib Gem Necklace has just found a home Wednesday, Jun 1 2011 

I remember that Barbara devised (her own) first one using a cache of old cut costume jet we scored from Barry Smith when he cleaned out his stock and sold his gem business. The large black double strand drew a lot of comment so we searched for similar materials to make up another four. Finally we sourced different shapes from our friends in Hong Kong but this time in matted onyx shapes. I also remember the third person through the doors early Saturday morning at the 2010 studio sale; Bryce Lawrence snapped up the first one and another one went on the Sunday. One was consigned to Handmark in Hobart and that one sold recently and this one was about to go to Izabella at the Gallery Store QAG/GoMA until along came a studio visitor on special birthday (wish list) mission.

Barbara also sent me her comment to add to this post: “Often some of the best designs come from simply using components that are to hand. Ray Norman described my Signature Bracelets as having that ‘cobbled together’ style. I love the element of serendipitous contrast in form and texture, with some eclectic detail but never too much going on! These Signature Bib Gem necklets are large enough to dress things up but still lightweight enough to wear all day! The first one I made for myself with a surprise find of antique Jet beads from Barry Smith’s cache.” Barbara Heath – Jeweller to the Lost.