Our breakfast with Mr George Burrows at the ‘black snake inn’ on our last visit to Tasmania was a highlight, thanks for setting this up Warwick! Friday, Sep 30 2011 

Decidedly private, warm and entertaining, a knowledgeable collector who can talk on numerous subjects around the clock face of culture both past and into the future. Barbara and I were invited to breakfast recently and could have stayed the entire day only we were returning to Brisbane the following day. With so much in common, we share numerous personal friends and industry contacts. The kitchen we ate breakfast in holds a mass of Cornish Ware – more than every bit we have ever seen in both our lifetimes, all on show, I simply had to respond and create an Inseperable for George and his kitchen – entitled ‘moving/stationary’ – a Cornish Greeting from Barb & mal E.

My little play with the black snake inn and one more shot of another of his passions . . .

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor show opened last night, here is Barbara’s piece and page to read after downloading Friday, Sep 30 2011 

The large .pdf of page 18 is here – we are well pleased with everyone’s efforts. Barbara’s work load meant that she didn’t manage to hob-knob with the visiting jewellers who met at the Gallery Artisan an hour before the opening although we all caught up with one another after the speeches . . . the catalogue, the show design, the intensity of the works and stories will keep audiences on their toes.

Katherine Large sent the ABC interview link – here

Ray Norman sent another ABC link today – here

An earlier ring still traveling well, back to the studio for a clean and a setting check Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 

All B’s – Big, Bold, Beautiful and ‘now anonymous’ . . . Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 

The job sheet description reads: Large oval Smoky Quartz 1=10.7ct (as supplied) is set diagonally in smooth bombé wrapped-over © Bh design. Ring has three oval Tourmalines 3=2.25ct (as supplied) hammer set at each shoulder, two on the outer side and one on the inner side. Carved as a ‘one-off’ and cast in 9ct Yellow Gold. Matt and burnished surface, size X.

That Galloway girls gets another ‘special’ reward from her parents, well deserved we hear! Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 

Another shot of the ring that is more down-to-earth is here, express posted to Townsville while Jemima is holidaying with her parents before returning to Sommerville House for the big run towards end term.

Another special shot from Tasmania, the Midland Tinker as a shadow of the past Tuesday, Sep 20 2011 

Thursday 29th September 2011 the show of ‘brooches’ opens at Gallery Artisan. Barbara’s brooch is based on a coppiced peg made by Ma Brown (the Midland Tinker), shown here in a steel roadside sculpture taken just south of Oatlands.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor is the title of the show. 100 women 100 brooches 100 stories to be opened by Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley AC Governor of Queensland 6–8pm . . . Send off an rsvp to here: <info@artisan.org.au> and see you there!

Returned safe today after 10 days in Tasmania Monday, Sep 19 2011 

The cab collected the three of us at 6:45am – off to the airport. We just entered airline security and our own security firm called saying that the studio alarm was sounded. They called Juan and we called our neighbor, Bill who didn’t hear the alarm. Bill went around the house and yard and reported nothing out of the ordinary then Juan arrived – opened up and the smashed lock, plate glass window was taken off the runner and placed outside. As the white blinds were drawn it was only for the curtain whoosh when Juan opened the door that he noticed . . . the break-in. The alarm,  back-to-base response, our neighbours, the police and our own security awareness all saved the day.  The alarm sounded 7:28am – they spent quite some time trying to gain an access point in the back of the studio earlier but failed. Maybe 20 minutes after the cab collected us – makes you think?

The wide panorama shot is here. On the Midland Highway just south of Oatlands, September 2011. The corporate link is here.

This commission has taken 2 whole years to ‘come into the world’ but client and maker don’t have a problem with that Thursday, Sep 8 2011 

The first © Barbara Heath Necklace design came out of a ‘what-if’ using Sabine Schleicher’s four strands of semi-baroque Pearls.

Actually, we arranged a valuation of the four strands just to see if they were worth spending the time & money on to enhance them in a major way – Ralph Pownall our valuer provided the certificate detailing them and we were on our way . . . next a rather detailed ‘Lace Pebble’ design hand-made safety clasp.

The gestation period led to a further raid on the gem collection, adding antique carved pearlshell, butterscotch amber beads, clear strawberry amber with inclusions and faceted Mexican fire opal beads. 18ct Yellow Gold Lace Ball and Holbein Knot Infinity Symbol strung with Barbara’s own Bar & Ring Clasp and Sabine’s Gold Akoya Pearls – here is a detail of this enjoyable colour play.

And the final deep etched scan with a digital shadow – click here for the larger .pdf

Recent ring commission with the biggest gold Broome pearl Barbara has ever worked with Thursday, Sep 8 2011 

Textured ‘Bud” design in 18ct yellow Gold for Rosemary Frazer, I’ll post the design drawing and the 4 shot outcome – nice!

Another young painter worth her weight in gold (now thats really saying something), Amanda Krantz Thursday, Sep 8 2011 

Picture #5 is my pick of the new work about to go on show at Paddington’s – Percolator Gallery, September 21-25 2011. Amanda is the niece of one of my best working buddies in the agency scene in the 1980s, Valerie Staddon. We both headed departments at Schofield Sherbon Baker. Barbara and I have followed the career of Amanda and we are chuffed at her development (pity I’m not buying art anymore, but lots of folks are) . . . buying her work. Opening Friday 23rd September 6–9pm. 134 LaTrobe Terrace Paddington, Brisbane  Phone 07 3368 3315. Amanda’s web is here.

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