Mr Green Thumb is around the studio all Jan–Feb, if you need some assistance – call him Friday, Dec 24 2010 

Australian Garden History Society’s 2011 Maryborough Conference Friday, Dec 24 2010 

I haven’t posted on this as yet, the image above is a response to all the material I have worked with recently. I prepared the design and presentation powerpoint for the upcoming 32nd event, it was shown at their last event in Launceston this year. This postcard is from my Urban–Archaeology collection, I scanned every image I had from the region for possible use in the material. The powerpoint can be downloaded here + the conference registration brochure is here. Lots of talk of Fraser Island (I don’t want to see that name used again)!

Jeweller to the Lost – studio closed 5:00pm December 24 Friday, Dec 24 2010 

Download the hires .pdf here The © Bh Brooch is from 1988.

Finishing the working year in 15 minutes and I’ve just uploaded the review of the year Wednesday, Dec 22 2010 

I completed the update of the Commission List (the Lot) yesterday, it is viewable on this page (top left link).

Now the powerpoint of the highlighted work of 2010, it is downloadable here.

We are all off to have a hand-built NYC burger at Babu, Wilston Village at 7:00pm (last three jobs collected tomorrow and we clean all the tools and the studio on Friday).

Drama at 4:56 am today, Barbara finds a tick on little RonE Thursday, Dec 16 2010 

The paralysis tick (lxodes holocyclus) is the single most dangerous parasite for dogs on the eastern coast of Australia. Just one tick is capable of causing paralysis and death. Paralysis ticks usually live on native animals like bandicoots and possums. The ticks attach to dogs (and humans) after we come into contact with them in the bush, park or our own backyards. The emergency vet was so relieved that we had found the thing very early, he said that most dogs arrived having respiratory or motor damage and this always has a residual effect on their future health and well being – trust Barbara to be on the ball!

For those clients and friends viewing this post Sunday, you have 6 sleeps until Saturday morning and the annual (2 day) Studio Sale at the Barbara Heath Studio Sunday, Dec 5 2010 

If you are viewing on Monday morning you have 5 days to go . . . next, here is the detail below from the mailout for your fridge door, your new diary entry or the mental note we hope you make:

Here is a reduced version of the print out we will mail to our 2008, 2009 & 2010 customers tomorrow:

Having suffered a database glitch, we have started to rebuild our customer list from scratch. So many people have relocated over the years. I continue to manage our faithful email list, so we are relying on you all to: 1) pass on the word about the coming sale, and: 2) send us your details if you have moved goods and chattels, changed your job (or changed a mobile)?

Finally, here is the small downloadable .pdf of the 2010 Client Commission List. We will be most happy to mail one to you if you make contact and update your personal details. We always close with a thank-you to those brave souls who dare to commission, we are here to serve and support your dreams and desires.

Another pet on the Jeweller to the Lost set Thursday, Dec 2 2010 

* collected at the Brisbane airport 3:46pm Thursday 2 December 2010. Barbara drove out without a name in mind, although all she’s done for the last two days is make name lists . . . ‘Ronnie’ it is. Eric took it all well and without a swipe at the critter, so far.

Here’s the larger .pdf (look at Eric in the tree)! . . . A pedigree Border Terrier (boy) from Gaela Tolley <>