Seriously – GST is just one more sting! Friday, Jun 30 2000 

The only respite is the MYOB accounting package, seriously though we are massively over-taxed and bludgeoned by Local administration as well. And you watch, I’ve paid taxes all my working life and upon retirement I’ll get swindled as well – Governments can change promises on a whim, and do so at alarming frequency, it seems.

Photo uploaded to the viewer site Thursday, Jun 22 2000 

Backyard bonfire at 7:00pm tonight Wednesday, Jun 21 2000 

We started our backyard bonfires in the late 1970’s, I remember how Elizabeth (Lil) as a young child was so upset when the fire brigade turned up once and doused the flames. A neighbor called them after hearing an explosion – Nick O’Rourke lit the bonfire after he had poured petrol on the logs.Over the years we’ve catered for 200 on some nights, of late we don’t advertise the fact, we are just surprised at who walks in out of the night – this graphic below was our first viewer invite.

Winter Solstice Backyard Bonfire Invite Monday, Jun 19 2000