Barbara’s research into local colonial tinsmiths is well and truly under way Thursday, Oct 29 2009 

Like her ‘private’ garden blog that she keeps to herself, Barbara is busy researching the work of local tinsmiths for a future project. I’ve been swept up just combing my ephemera collection, our joint library and the general blogosphere for items of interest and worth.

This is a call-to-action: if anyone has a connection to or knowledge of local artisans operating in the building, manufacturing and general plumbing trades in South East Queensland since settlement, please get in touch with us? We are interested also in catalogues from overseas (and locally) that document these trades, see below. Get my drift? I can see another Mashrabia coming on . . .

New necklaces called ‘gem rope’ being prepared for the 2009 Christmas Studio Sale Thursday, Oct 29 2009 

Barbara says that these bulk up at the neck beautifully with four twists and over the head. A selection of our more unusual gems threaded with neoprene on stainless steel trace, crimped at a © Bh oxidised silver tag with 18ct yellow gold detail. Artisan, QAG store and the studio all have some of the selection on hand for the festive season.

Additional stock saved and re-jigged for Jeweller to the Lost 2009 Christmas Sale, shown below. Necklace © Bh Antique Twin Mesh Chain with Twin Tags, Enamel on Copper & Silver with Textured “S” Hook. There are a few un-sold items remaining from the second ‘another time’ show at Katherine Kalaf in Perth. Commission clients are invited each year end to a private studio showing where we do a ‘close-out’ reduction of stock returned from retailers. This has grown over 20 years to be a huge social 2 day affair where stocks are sold below wholesale as a reward to those folk who dare to be different – those folk who go beyond the instant purchase – those folk who quietly collaborate and commission a one-off object of desire. Invitations are by snail mail only so its up to clients to advise us of their change-of-address. You have been given notice! . . . a little over two weeks to this year’s mailout.

When an artist’s audience starts making works using the artist’s tools it could be a problem Wednesday, Oct 28 2009 

. . . but not in this case,

I did this for Peter Tyndall after I found and reprocessed x11 blank notes + posted to my directory for his use.

Peter just uploaded his blog page with the above featured – here

Revisiting a Baroque Lattice & Gem Ring Wednesday, Oct 28 2009 

An engagement ring returns for a setting check and a resize.

Her third Barbara Heath ring – this one is a birth marker with Jacob’s ‘Emerald’ birth gem Tuesday, Oct 13 2009 

We are always delighted when folks return for more, right out of the blue we received an email from Gina “I’ve been through the entire blog, the Holbein knot I have for my engagement and wedding rings is still a standout. Have you got any emeralds? I want a wide stitch ring in black enamel with his birthstone.” Add the hand engraving to the inside, the terrific emerald has sat here in the tray for 10 years – it has never been re-priced since we bought it. Gina swooped!

“Give us three weeks to create and make and send us an email with the text for the secret side,” I asked. We’ll never get another quality emerald at that price,” Barbara added. And at 5 months Jacob has his first significant symbol for his life’s journey from the Jeweller to the Lost – he’s found (as we say)!

Her re-made ‘Marriage Ring’ in our ‘table top gem cluster’ style © Barbara Heath Tuesday, Oct 13 2009 

Commissioned Lapel Pin using graphics from his favourite comic – Star Brand Tuesday, Oct 13 2009 

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