One of two Australian Colonial Leather Frames found in Tasmania Monday, Feb 28 2011 

Another two for the urban_archaeology collection. Actually, I had seen this small one previously in the home of Antique dealer; Hayden Pearce (now of Willow Court Antiques, New Norfork). It was in his large fortified house at Lake Tiberius when we both visited a few years ago now for an Australia Day BBQ. When I spied it again in the lockable cabinet I snapped it up and in ‘great dealer style’ Hayden said that he had a couple more better ones – well I came back with one larger leather frame also (which is a repair job unfortunatetly). But most of the early tooled pieces were there with it in the bag, so to speak.

I will be cleaning and repairing this one first, my picture framer does a new white back, no mount and uses old ripple glass to complete the picture. Barbara and I have our bedroom walls covered in colonial hand made frames, no we haven’t started on the ceiling as yet. A downloadable pic of the wall from InsideOut Mag . . .

I’ll add a detail shot so you can see the intricate work

The second frame photo and detail.

UPDATE: 30-6-2011 – the frame cleaned up and oiled ready for the frame:

Fullers Earth, I finally found a tin for my Urban Archeaology material Friday, Feb 25 2011 

Maria Cleary tipped me into this brand, the original link is here. + here. Found in ‘The Drill Hall’ New Norkfolk, Tasmania. The product is still available, click here to buy and read all about the powder.

Hinged earring sleepers © Barbara Heath Friday, Feb 25 2011 

Mandarin Garnet flower cuts (from the old Tucson days) + 18ct Yellow Gold  handmade hinged Sleepers.

I can rattle off numerous clients who swear by these robust little sleepers. One power person we know wears her pair every day, shower – gym – work – occasions – sleep. They are taken off and enhanced with similar gems to the ones shown above. Mothers and daughters sharing three sets, all with a different finish. The above items were not together at the recent 2010 Xmas Sale but did end up in the one present under the tree at Christmas time. We usually make a few at a time and they usually end up consigned to different retailers, Australia wide.

They come at a price as they are all handmade, in 18ct Yellow or  White Gold. We have made 925 Silver versions also. We collected other imported versions from Italy, China and South East Asia, at the time we developed this line. We have kept these in the studio for clients to make a weight and finish comparison – although people just take our word for it now.