We both feature in Joan Burton-Jones’ recently launched book – Queenslanders All Over Monday, Jun 29 2009 

Look – first of all I have to tell you what a blast the launch was. Lunch time at Parliament House, Brisbane – *Aunty Margaret, Elder &  Anna Bligh, The Premier  + the Dean of Bond University who published the volume and almost all the story tellers were gathered together for the speeches and the welcome to country. What a fantastic ‘welcome to country’ – of the * Minjerribah Moorgumpin People (Stradbroke Island & Moreton Bay) by Mulliburriba Dance Group led by Joshua Walker. I just love the way traditional politics has played out fully in Government circles where they at least acknowledge the earlier indigenous owners of the land they hold and occupy, well done!

Well done Joan and all the stories in the first-person you managed to capture and reproduce. I have grave concerns about the general lack of design but I let that slide. We know quite a few authors and have been delighted to read their stories, I want to particularly thank John Stafford for, in his article he has cause to mention Barbara’s Magistrates Court door handles in the most wonderful light. Rightly so, I say. Our work joins the poetry of Nathan Shepherdson as the divider to Section Six – The Smart State.

ISBN 978 0 9806187 1 6 (the hard back) <www.bond.edu.au>

Another manufacturer’s catalogue into the collection, a gift from Vanessa Roche Monday, Jun 29 2009 

Thanks Van, without the slightest prompting I was given this cover-less catalogue, all worn around the edges but never the less full of drawings, typography and prices of the day for hardware and building products. I’ve saved these catalogues from the beginning of my design career, paid good money from antiquarian book sellers the world over just to keep up the focus and build on the categories I’ve concentrated on. Lets face it – not only these advertising catalogues but all sorts of grouped commercial information with a graphic slant is now highly sought after. Just do a search for ‘trade catalogue’ on any search engine and see what surfaces and more importantly, look at the prices asked . . . also check out Vanessa and Michael’s web they updated yesterday.

Last days of June 2009 – end of the Financial Year in Australia Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Yesterday we dropped consignment stock back to the Queensland Art Gallery – Gallery Store & GOMA Store after a 6 month absence, purely due to our busy work load. Many visitors have remarked “where is the Barbara Heath stock” while the (supreme team) have kept up the energy and given us the feedback. New chains and charms are there, supported by key signature pieces; Birdie Brooch, Stainless Steel grid Pendants & Brooches, Pyramid Lattice Brooches, Gem & Pearlshell Earrings – a new set of Gem Cluster Rings are on the bench being made for the Gallery Store to support the full range of Interlocking Rings they will have exclusively, by Mid-July 2009.

Grandmother’s jewelled watch case recycled and made contemporary Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 

A gift from Sarah’s Mother; Denise – Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire set watch case. Then came the commission meeting at the studio, the possibilities, a list of things they liked and two design & makes were devised. A hand-made chain mesh Bracelet with the ring as the catch + articulated Earrings with the jewelled case and gem-set toggles. Barbara and Juan-Luis worked out a holding device for the large Onyx drops that can be detached, easilly. Using French Antique Buttons and Polished Onyx & Single centrally set Diamonds, the Earrings are made with posts and secure omega clasps © Bh 2009.

See the earlier blog mention when the pieces first arrived to the studio – May 2009.

Wednesday 24th June 2009 – Update: Sarah collected her earrings today – all ready for her 40th Birthday celebrations tomorrow at GOMA (with more to come).

A gift from Sarah’s Mother; Denise – a Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire set watch case. (see blog item in May 2009). Then came the commission meeting at the studio, all the possibilities, a list of Barbara’s work they both liked and two designs were devised. A hand made chain-mesh Bracelet using the ring as the starter for the clasp + articulated Earrings using the jewelled case and gem set toggles. Barbara and Juan-Luis worked out a device for the large onyx drops we had cut in Sydney, these can now be easily detached. Using Antique French glass buttons, the onyx set centrally with a single Diamond, the Earrings are made with posts and secure omega clasps © Bh 2009.
Wednesday 24th June 2009 – Sarah collected her earrings today – all ready for her 40th birthday celebrations tomorrow at GOMA (with more commissions to follow).

Fan mail received today from the lady in Texas . . . Monday, Jun 22 2009 

Go down to the June 11 post for the start of the story.

Miles Fisher’s 18th party – the commission preparation Monday, Jun 22 2009 

Deb texted: “What an awesome chalice, I could never have given it up – thxs”

Yeah, so we arrived and walked in and Deb rushed forward and claimed the ‘holy grail‘ and we wondered why the dance competition was never judged and announced? mal E ran and got it and presented it to Miles at the speeches (he picked up on it)! . . . mal E on the left, Barbara & Juan-Luis to the right . . . also a pic of Barbara on the night.

Winter Solstice 2009 – we lit a candle on the longest night Monday, Jun 22 2009 

Everyone in our street knows we usually light a backyard fire, but it has been raining now for almost two weeks so it was a little flame, upstairs. A fire no less, just between us and the universe – as we both sat around at our powerbooks upstairs.

Fellow clock collector does me a (big-little) favour Wednesday, Jun 17 2009 

Fellow clock maniac and collector in-the-know – Alan Hazelton dropped in to ask what I liked in the auction coming up last weekend. He was chasing my pick, a silk suspension German or Austrian ‘picture clock’. I hadn’t seen the offering prior to visiting my friend and mentor that morning, Tony Roberts – he showed me the web catalogue and looking through his picks I noticed a few bets I thought I should call my own. As I was to be busy all day (Sunday) with Barb in the garden, I let go of the picture clock and asked Alan to bid on our behalf for the St Bernard with the girl riding bare back, above.

Two days passed, I never called. On the second evening I had a call from Alan ” I’ll drop off your little Zappler if you are home” . . . it turned out he missed his picture clock but we bagged the rare miniature cow’s tail pendulum, sans dome, plus we heard tell of other items knocked down to Hazelton. It turns out that even more quality items were brought home by other dealers and collectors that weekend. (Peoples dies and more people buys – as old Harcourt Howard was always saying).

A lady from Texas, serious viewersite scanning (I’d say scholarship) and another internet commission for the studio Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

I got caught by this response late today – I managed to scan and process the shots, upload to the server but Ms Dee’s delightful email response arrived before I had prepared the blog entry. With studio visitors they see and collect before the item goes public, with goods and clients far away Barbara doesn’t like to publish prior to the client seeing their goods. It was just great receiving the recorded telephone message, in fact the same message was in the email copied into the comments field below – see the first response below: Fan mail June 22 2009 blog entry . . .

French gilded bronze clock case and base cleaned with (care) Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

That’s right, I’ve learned you can’t put back what has been lost but you can carefully remove the build-up of time and grime. Something I do for my own goods only, hey it’s my hobby . . . I’m definately not going back to working for someone else for nothing. I worked out that this cost me the equivalent of (12) hours of time, numerous materials + chemicals (and it seriously erodes my cycling time, these days) . . . and I’ve still got the movement to strip and clean and an entire suspension & pendulum to build from scratch, as it was missing.

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