30-11-2010 Reuben Stokes turns 20, seems like nothing is stopping him: Tuesday, Nov 30 2010 

Happy Daze Reub . . . the larger image is here. I’m a long-time follower of WorldWarWon, see ephemeral-male side bar anytime . . .

National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010 – the pick: Monday, Nov 29 2010 

Allan Duncan usually sends us this link every year . . . the moth shot above (severely reduced in size) is my favourite, enjoy!

Almost thirty years on, (some) clients have moved away but (most) always come back for more because we are always here for them Monday, Nov 29 2010 

Barbara and Kim Littleton have remained in touch through her early career, her move to the ‘big smoke’, her marriage to Frank, exciting career moves, house changes (the latest to Lane Cove), the new baby, the move to consulting. While I have had a time of it all just managing the database!

Our little (monthly) blog updates always draw comments and quite a few drop in from ‘frankandkim’. The most recent one dated 27 September 2010 mentions the ‘big birthday’ (40 no less) and the plans started for this double Lariat with her strand of big white Pearls from Beijing + the black Pearl from Tahiti + matt Onyx cylinder beads, Bar & Ring Clasp adjustable to two lengths, © Bh House symbol. Gem set details interspersed along the strand, tri-coloured Tourmaline 3.85ct Amethyst trillion-cut at 0.65ct, Peridot briolettes 6=4.25ct. Necklace with central drop of Tahitian Pearl and large Ruby drop at 19.06ct.

Commission for Nick Cominos – Esoteric Negative Ring – re-activated Saturday, Nov 27 2010 

This new ring is the ‘mirror’ to the other, which is now below ground (i.e active in the underworld).
Consider this new object as empowering the original (intention) – in the sense of it acting as a conduit for its double.
‘The mirror reflects the manifest and temporal world, also man’s knowledge of himself.’ *
*JC Cooper An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols

Saddle Ring with channel-set Diamonds, both golds Friday, Nov 19 2010 

The scanner doesn’t do justice to items with polished surfaces, both 18ct Palladium White Gold and 18ct yellow Gold with channel set Diamonds © Bh 2010

Snapshot of a young studio visitor today, no Tara to play with anymore (and the chickens didn’t get a look-in) Thursday, Nov 18 2010 

Myles and his toy grader had fun with silver granules spread on the studio floor as his mum Anna and Barbara worked out another family object of desire and meaning . . .

Another two Artisan – Tinsmith links Thursday, Nov 18 2010 

Last chance &  Residual . . . both stories cover the state of play (so far), the show is down – the objects sold have new homes & we have had one House Geister owner make contact and wax lyrical (thanks John & Trish). One image below from Juan-Luis’ iPhone documentation that hasn’t been shown as yet. Even the left-overs featured in the show . . .


You have been warned (said Tim Gruchy to mal E) Wednesday, Nov 17 2010 

Crunch time for upgrade of internet addresses that are running out. Samantha Amjadali  “Anyone purchasing new hardware or software that has any sort of internet connection should ask if it is v6-capable, because most modems and routers on the market are not and those devices that are can be costly”.

“The same philosophy applies to new computers, though by now, they should all be running v6-compatible operating systems”.

“Similarly, anyone signing up for a new internet or mobile phone plan, particularly the two-year plans, should ask the same questions.”

“Is your new hardware (back-end and the devices being deployed in your home or business) IPv6-capable and, if not, will it be upgraded — and at what cost to you?”

The full story is here . . .

Two recipes for Barbara’s Tasmanian cousin, one from Ann Hesse and the other favourite from Rhana Devenport many years ago – enjoy Thursday, Nov 11 2010 

Sandra Dryburgh asked for this fav Sri Lankan fish curry recipe, it was Rhana’s 50th birthday on the 10/11/2010 so this is her recipe passed on to us 20 years ago . . . and Ann Hesse’s family grows acres of cauliflowers north of Brisbane, we just recently received this Caulie-flourette Curry recipe and have made it three times already this month (well they are in season)! The black and white (greyscale) scan above was done to save pixels and keep the file size small but I relented and did the tumeric stains in a spot colour . . . enjoy these two easy meals!

Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art – 2010 ‘twilight christmas design market’ goes off 12 November 4:00pm–8:00pm (be there)! Thursday, Nov 11 2010 

This event has grown to be a further shopping catch-up like our own commissioners studio sale. Genuine (once a year) reductions on Barbara Heath jewellery and objects. We have drawn a great position again this year, we look forward to seeing and greeting old and new customers. Gallery Store forecourt, Stanley Place, South Brisbane. Phone 07 3840 7147 for further information . . .


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