One of four Gem Tile Rings to Bh Retailers in Sydney & Melbourne. Saturday, Jun 29 2002 

Dimitar Bianco leaves the Jeweller to the Lost studio. Friday, Jun 28 2002 

Gifted jeweller departs for Europe, stays in touch all this time and as I write this on January 21 2008 (reposting the original viewer upload onto the viewer blog) – Dimitar actually called two days ago from Holland. He has his own Jewellery Store in Heerenveen with his partner, Christine.

Commissioned Ring for Shri Raz © Barbara Heath Tuesday, Jun 25 2002 

John Waterman Farewell Saturday, Jun 1 2002 

John & Barbara came to Brisbane on the boat they built together in Sydney (after cruising up the Queensland coast) – John’s ashes left scattered on the Moreton Bay current.This was the web post & invitation to that memorial posted on the viewer site of Barbara Heath & Malcolm Enright.