An eBay Buyers Question – “What bug killers do you have?” Monday, Apr 5 2004 

. . . again, it takes an interested party to ask the question and the boxes open up, the contents dusted off and we are again assessing one of the collections. I have to admit that the glass versions of fly traps didn’t make this cut, nor did the hand-made mechanical mouse traps as I’d sold them years before. In fact back in the mid 1970’s when the collector and curator – Murray Walker visited the house I had just sold them and he didn’t manage to document those as well.So the interested party was a collector in Texas, I made a powerpoint and uploaded it to the NYC server and sent off the timely response (all within a day or so) . . . and would you believe not even a reply. Yes Sir Bob, they’re back in their box in the lock-up.

Commissioned Bracelet for Irene & Michel Sourgnes © Barbara Heath Monday, Apr 5 2004 

Back to the Studio for setting check © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 4 2004