Last commission for the month of May 2009 Saturday, May 30 2009 

The correct commission title is – Ring with Dod’s Diamonds, a memento of her Grandmother and delivered on a wedding anniversary. Their names will appear on the 2009 commission list but have been kept private on the blog, by request. © Bh Elongated Lace, Double Dish, concave shape with three antique cut Diamonds 3= (client supplied) set low along the centre line. Edge set around the lip of the top oval with Brilliant cut Brown Diamonds 8=0.61ct The narrow band merges to support the top. All 18ct Palladium White Gold with partial polish. Size T.

Second last commission for the month handed over Friday, May 29 2009 

This commission consisted of three separate hand-crafted elements, shown above + two Lariats all made from recycling dear Norma’s jewellery bequest. The studio started with a long strand of Akoya Pearls with a Ruby & Diamond White Gold clasp and a Dress Ring with the Ceylon Sapphire & 12 Diamonds, again in White Gold – all “divine ” but as Carol said at the brief – ‘she would never wear any of it, let alone carry it off’ . . . so off to the studio to cook up this © Bh Lattice Pendant with articulated Diamonds, © Bh Tag detail set with the  Ceylon Sapphire and handmade star wire chain with a spiral clasp plus an 8 cm extender in the same chain, all in 18ct Palladium White Gold.

Bonhams Natural History auction – June 1 2009 New York Thursday, May 28 2009 

We have friends who lease parcels of dirt including the “Himalaya Mine” in San Diego, California. Helen and Richard Shull (and dogs) mine and cut beautiful samples of Tourmaline, Turquoise and local gem stones. Their business is called ‘out of our mines’, we met them in our early days traveling to the Tucson Gem Fair. They are fully blown quality gem dealers who now select and sell more than their local finds through their web site <;

When I found this Bi-coloured chatoyant stone (above) in the auction catalogue on-line I quickly copied and sent details off to Helen with questions about it’s ownership and quality. Here’s her reply copied as text:

<Hi Malcolm and Barbara, Thanks so much for sending this to us with your good wishes. I really appreciate it. I wish we were the seller, what a fantastic stone! It is such a Himalaya Mine classic hard to find these days. Weve been mining some beautiful turquoise this spring, and have been blessed with an amazing show of desert blooms in addition to the incredible gems! Hope all is going well with you! Helen>

SALE 17502 – LOT 1307: A Rare American Cat’s Eye Bi-Color Tourmaline. A large, yet very wearable cabochon sure to appeal either to the collector of American gemstones or the jewelry designer. Perfectly bi-colored, with a strong demarcation line and even zones of bright candy-colored pink and bottle green, this exceptional stone has the added unusual feature of chatoyancy. It is rare to obtain San Diego tourmaline with a cat’s eye effect.

Clients who know of our love of Cat’s Eye/Chatoyant/Star features might like to email me and I’ll send you a reply with the selection of stones we made from this auction offering – I’ll also be following the sale to capture the prices realised for our store of gem stone information. REALISED: US$6,100.00

The other half of the Barbara Heath retail range is about to go to the Gallery Store at QAG/GOMA in time for the American Impressionism & Realism show opening this Friday evening Wednesday, May 27 2009 

The studio is still working on this new work with three days to go as I sit and type up this next blog entry. Again we are proud of our long-standing relationship with the ‘supreme team’ – Linda Meehan, Peter Beiers and Izabella Chabrowska who, along with a steady team of staff and gallery guides send sales and commissions our way from their large and varied client mix.

Launched on Monday with an Artisan Foundation morning tea, Barbara’s new retail range has now gone public Monday, May 25 2009 

Here are Andrea Higgins’ pics of the day, they formed part of the post party ‘thanks for coming’ email to participants. Barbara gave a short talk after a well prepared introduction by Artisan’s Romy Willing, standing in so well for CEO Chetana Andary.

Artisan launch the next Barbara Heath collection, here’s the web invite Monday, May 25 2009 

Half the © Bh Retail Range is north of the river at Artisan, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Barbara talks of her long association with this establishment in all it’s guises since she arrived in Brisbane in 1984, as a board member, a supporter and as an exhibitor and trader. We are excited to know the staff here are all versed with our numerous styles, our unusual gems and the fact that studio visits are set up for would-be commission clients by this dedicated retail team run by Denise McQueen.

Look what came to visit us today Monday, May 25 2009 

No names that’s the pack drill until we finish the commission. After the material evaluation, the concepts are finished and the way forward is clear, we usually find out how we should proceed with mentioning names. More disclosure as we proceed further with this re-cycled gems commission.

Sean-Lawrence Connor turns 7 – we were there, here he is with his seven best friends Friday, May 22 2009 

Mother’s Day at home this year with the girls, here’s the malE pic Friday, May 15 2009 

BACK: Elizabeth (Lil) Enright, Janis Enright, Barbara Heath FRONT: Lyn Hadley & May Althaus (Janis’ Mum) on the back verandah bench from Cairo, imported by Michael Allen Antiques.

We both joined 150 other Queensland designers last night at Government House Thursday, May 7 2009 

. . . to celebrate Queensland Excellence in Design, hosted by Her Excellency The Governor Ms Penelope Wensley AO and Mr Stuart McCosker. Artisan arranged the display where Barbara’s jewellery was shown. Delighted to see so many friends and excited to catch up with much older acquaintances.

Talking of older friends, one of my favourite hand-made albums from Brisbane was done in the 1930s by the Soden sisters from Yeronga. They must have been regular attendees at the grounds of  Wynberg as the newspaper clippings attest, below is a shot of the front of Government House from their album. Same old everything, nothing has changed front of house except the vast new canvas Porte Cochere. Everything is so well-groomed including everyone’s manners.

Barbara has been to Government House as the guest of  three Governors now, this was my first time in my own right (although I don’t mind in the least being the “and partner” to the brand).

UPDATE: This post has generated quite a few requests about the album, here is a snapshot below of four pages, click on the separate live links to receive a separate .pdf download (1) (2) (3) (4)

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