The first (four) new ‘five leaf button’ gem rings are ready for the MAYO festival at St Margaret’s in Brisbane Sunday, Apr 29 2012 

For twenty five years now Barbara has continued to push her leaf lattice ideas into more skilled outcomes, these flag another idea into reality. 18ct Yellow Gold & 9ct Palladium White Gold, I’ve listed the gem combinations in the pic. Those in the know will see and know the newer dimensional leaf, now in a new combination with bezel set quality gemstones with a shank that not only fits snug but is able to size-change easily for a retail setting. Two final things – earrings to match are on the bench + Jennifer & Rod were here in the studio for a necklace change this weekend and one of these almost went back to Sydney on her other finger . . .

We hosted a studio visit the first day we returned back from holidays Wednesday, Apr 18 2012 

We have had lots to do with Joan over the years, we both have a great mention in her most recent 2009 publication . . . as does Rhyl Hinwood and others. The group doesn’t have a formal name but uses “the first wednesday of the month” where they visit or meet with someone interesting. We so much enjoyed the spirited and enthusiastic visitor’s questions and comments about our work and workspace. In selecting a shot to accompany this post I dug deep into the second level of the glass cake cabinet holding all manner of booty to shoot a selection of the crystal collection. Thanks to every visitor on the day: Joan Burton-Jones, Elizabeth Teeland, Rhyl Hinwood, Lyn Baxter, Hilary Galbraith, Jackie Bell, Liisa Von Hellens, Pam Chick, Judie Bellingham, Janet Thornton, and Ann Tanner who have all left contact details to join the Jeweller to the Lost database.

A chance meeting at the airport, we bumped into Andrew Ness on his way to Tasmania to scale another peak. Wednesday, Apr 11 2012 

I first met Andrew (and Leesa Hickey) when I tutored an evening class of photography appreciation, part of the Queensland College of Arts evening design courses (maybe twenty five years ago). I’ve remained friends with both Leesa & Andrew since, although he has ventured into a wood discipline and lives further out in the country, north of Brisbane. His wonderful blog is here, do read on as his small table has a specific Tassie theme and shows a dedication to research, design and superb craftsmanship.

Here is my 1999 commissioned crystal, an internally carved figure of Avalokitesvara by Howard Friedler Wednesday, Apr 11 2012 

To celebrate ‘life after art’ after I was forced to sell my art collection – in 1999 I commissioned Howie to carve a figure of quan-yin inside a lovely large clear quartz crystal pebble from Madagascar. The pebble turned out to have a wave-like inclusion in the base that the figure was positioned on – the Goddess of Mercy is shown in South Chinese seafaring tales as walking on water. In fact the story goes that a drowning sailor who utters her name will always survive. An extra element of the crystal is a section that has enhanced magnification, with this part Howie cut a vision depression into it to show the figure in another light.

I show this again as Howie has just emailed me his new web site – here. Go buy or better still – commission something from the man who initiated ‘hollowography’ . . .

Older viewer site links go back to early 2000 – here and here and finally here.

First day back at the bench and the first design completed after our return from Tasmania Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 

Our next recycle commission for M.G. using her oxidised silver owl in a gold setting and her large strand of faceted fire Agate beads. Barbara will make x7 roughly oval lace units with a large © Bh textured hook clasp. Each unit will have applied gold details using Mara’s spare gold as supplied – all oxidised 925 silver work by Jeweller to the Lost.

Eleven wood ducks on the beach at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island Sunday, Apr 8 2012 

“I’se always has one at eleven” goes the old Sydney pub slang . . . if I can’t shoot eleven I can always do a wee bit of (photoshopping) and send to the ‘collect eleven‘ blog site run by Trevor Allen.

Sunday Mail article published today, Bribie Island ‘tinsmith’ touring show reviewed Sunday, Apr 8 2012 

Our memory was jogged earlier on when a text dropped in from John Potter – see page 49 of today’s Sunday Mail. Yes, while we were away in Tasmania recently, Carly Hennessy and I texted Barbara’s responses to Carly’s questions as she prepped her review of the Bribie Island leg of the touring tinsmith show. Barbara sadly had to decline the invite to open the show due to our holiday bookings. Download the larger .jpg – here. The flyer invite is – here.

Five days worth of field mushrooms from Grantham – Black Snake Inn Saturday, Apr 7 2012 



We had a call from George –  ‘when can you get down as the field mushrooms are out today”?  Tomorrow arvo was our response – so the following day we cleaned up earlier and hit the road south to the Derwent and to that most Gothic of landmarks; the Black Snake Inn where we scored these fully ripened and gamey ‘horse mushrooms’, a load of crispy pears and a few hours with the master collector drinking tea and chatting up a few of his new clocks.

Picking up the pieces at New Town Park Saturday, Apr 7 2012 

Conservation work over a glass of French wine with Warwick, Barbara, Bradley, Steven and Malcolm at Hobart’s g g – style headquarters (georgian/gothic) . . . wider shot approved for publication.

The third Tasmanian passenger – ronE + the two standard poodles belonging to Barbara’s sister and her partner Gary Saturday, Apr 7 2012 

almost pictured (above) in a coursing print in the pantry.

ronE in the ocean at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island (below).



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