The web invite to the (m)ART – meet the makers, Barbara Heath & Jane Peacock. Friday, Jun 29 2007 

Barbara Heath travels around the world in 42 days Friday, Jun 29 2007 

Chain & symbols Commission for the Sheehans © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Jun 20 2007 

Poiret show at the MET in NYC – not to be missed, we have the hard cover catalogue for anyone interested? Monday, Jun 11 2007 

Bruce Duncan passed away – we will sorely miss you Bru Friday, Jun 8 2007 

UPDATE – 6-6-2008

Posted in the Courier Mail two days ago – by Bruce’s family. The image Allan sent me was a bit pixelated so I’ve made my version a little teary as that’s how everyone feels at this moment. We’ve have 22 links to this post alone on Wednesday and seven emails from friends who saw this for the first time (one year later).

SECOND UPDATE – 27-3-2009

An old friend and fellow designer, George Trojanowski emailed me shocked at finding Bruce had passed away. George sat up late last night, he says he pressed on for a few hours going through the blog links one month at a time . . . so George, here’s a shot of a gathering for Bruce hosted by Allan & Shauna – the dates on the pic 7-6-2007. As you can see it took ages for us all to get it together and just say a group good-bye.

These ephemera elements surfaced from the late 60’s and passed on to me from Allan Duncan  – Foco was a Sunday night live music venue here at the Trades Hall run by the YSL (Young Socialists League). You were either there or square!

Message to Peter Carr in London – do these match? Saturday, Jun 2 2007 

Elizabeth Enright’s christmas tree lasts 21 years. Friday, Jun 1 2007 

Selection of images from our trip to Europe and the Americas Friday, Jun 1 2007 

I must have shot nearly 1000 images on the two continents we visited but the U.K. shots, particularly showing typography were wrapped up in a powerpoint – here