Two of Barbara’s recent shots taken at home Friday, Nov 30 2012 



We managed to visit the fourth venue showing our Artisan touring ‘tinsmith’ show – Toowoomba’s Cobb and Co Museum Friday, Nov 30 2012 

Further two pics here and here. The show is now bumped-out and on its way to Gladstone in north Queensland.

The 2012 studio sale invites (and commissioner’s list with this year’s makes) have been mailed to our loyal commission clients Friday, Nov 30 2012 

. . . and the feedback has started to roll in on emails and phone calls + the great feedback from last weekend’s GOMA design market. Barbara and I were thrilled to make great sales, catch up with so many clients and friends and meet & greet so many new contacts for future commissions and gem sales. Advance news also that the GOMA design market might just become a twice-a-year event so stay tuned!

Two recent studio events that I haven’t posted on until now Friday, Nov 30 2012 

1) Little ‘poppy gonzalez’s first visit to the studio with her Dad (and Barbara).

2) little ron E and his second birthday cake and candles

Our downloadable powerpoint of the 2012 commissions is on the server and ready to view – 21.27Mb Friday, Nov 30 2012 

I’ll post a few of the previously unpublished commissions below – click here to download

The third commission this year from Dr Gary Deed Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

The studio managed to have this piece finished in time for his birthday, although unplanned. Gary emailed us saying he’s out of town so could we break the rule and send him a scan of the piece – I did that last night so today I’m able to show the world this latest commission.

© Bh Commission – Gary Deed – Katabami Pendant 22mm in Shakudo and 18ct yellow gold with reverse side of Shakudo with 18ct yellow gold Bindi. Pendant is supended on double strand of black silk 56cm, bound at seven points with ‘X’ connectors of 18ct yellow gold – three to each side plus one to suspend pendant. Clasp of small button/toggle design and additional suspended detail of black pearl also in Shakudo and 18ct yellow gold as per brief.

Laser welder to the rescue Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

Dimitar dropped in to use the studio’s laser welder the other evening – the most elegant Swiss Chopard ladies watch with a distressed chain wrist band. It took him over an hour to reinstate each gold element in the linked chain. How on earth would you do that with solder and just normal vision?

Customers collected these last night, four asymmetrical earring enhancers made to fit Barbara’s handmade hinged sleepers Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

All the gems in the top two are from Greg’s family, topaz and opals mined and locally cut last century in Queensland. Jemina selected two different gems from the studio as a second set, Aqua Chalcedony square cabochon and Blue Chalcedony carved flower set in 18ct yellow gold and 925 silver. Earlier posts showing the hanged sleepers – click here.

‘wonder woman’ commissioned cuff © Barbara Heath Monday, Nov 5 2012 

This cuff in presentation box is jetting its way to Cairns in North Queensland today to join many more © Bh commissioned jewels in Kate Galloway’s collection. Starting with an acrylic (dinosaur designs) cuff for the right size and proportions, Kate and Barbara dialogued to and fro about metals, gems and specifics until the design was cornered – 5 cm wide cuff constructed in oxidised 925 silver with applied detail in 22 ct yellow gold with a central large emerald-cut Rutile Quartz 1=14.92 ct in box setting with textured 22ct bezel.

One fabulous multi-use Sautoir that took Barbara two days to just thread and knot Monday, Nov 5 2012 

© Bh Necklace Commission Michele Askin – adjustable length Sautoir of double strand of carved aquamarine beads (recycled as supplied) with shorter sections of Lambina opal beads =40cts and our Bar and Ring clasp set with a pair of cabochon Mandarin Garnets 2=0.96ct. Various pendant and in-line © Bh details along the necklace include; Lace Pea pendant, Lace Pod in-line and set with Mexican Fire Opal beads =10cts, Carnelian Gumnut pendant, Carved Aquamarine pendant.

Nine details of the different © Bh symbols, Bar and Ring clasp and add-ons as keepsakes that make this piece so special – 1000 mm in length using carved aquamarine from a previous necklace (we won’t say by whom), and fiery Mexican opals from our own gem collection. For a lovely repeat client that shares our interests in the good things: life, food, wine, gems, art, furniture, modernism, history and the future of the planet.

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