While in London in 2007 we saw John Harrisson’s equation of time, long case Thursday, Dec 24 2009 

Here’s a pic (slide 39) of the London Clock Guilds presentation I did upon our return . . . showing John Harrisson’s long case. The UK Antiquarian Horological Journal Vol 31 Number 4 June 2009 has reproduced another one of three longcase, this one made by John for his brother James – owned by the Leeds City Museums and it is about to come on public view. Barbara and I are in awe of these handmade oak clock movements and with thanks to the HJ, I’ve scanned the 19 pages pertaining to the clock for all to read. The large 94 Mb version download here. The smaller download is here.

The 2009 Christmas Card for Jeweller to the Lost Thursday, Dec 24 2009 

The graphic is made from scans of scrap material belonging to a deceased antique dealer, the hoard was a gift from Paul Jones – the clock dealer who now lives in Campbell Town, Tasmania. The hoard was in fact built up over a lifetime of dealing and was indispensable to a trader because everything existed to become useful in repairing an antique (anything). I was so excited to be given these things, then I thought that they should be handed on to be used in an even higher activity – as collage fodder! I scanned every piece and then gave the hoard to my friend and artist; Madonna Staunton. Thinking of the Cathedral to the Commission, it being Christmas and the fact that I hadn’t made use of any of the elements – I knocked this up in 22 minutes and posted to the blog on the last day before Christmas 2009.

Barbara Heath – Artisan – Arts Queensland confirmed grant for 2010 Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

. . . now we are able to further our research into our ‘local colonial tin-smithing’ interests. The earlier viewersite blog post is here.

Some of you should get to know my ephemeral-male blog spot now its the holidays (and you have some spare time) Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

I started this site just to post pieces of my graphic history as I move through the archive clearing, cleaning and selling off (some) . . . I thought it prudent to learn another blog application – blogger for the second blog. The link will take you to the first ‘vesta box’, read on up the viewer or click top right to the top of the blogroll (or start at the first post and work through . . . and if you are a registered blogger – please click “follow me”?

Jeweller to the Lost recycled her Diamonds, Pearls and Gold into this striking necklace Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

Taking the more adventurous of two design options, Mara George initiated this piece to make use of two different strands of pearls, a couple of unwanted diamond set clasps and a plain white gold band. The 18ct yellow and white gold, diamond set, lace stick pendant gathers twenty-three cascading loops of pearls and is suspended from a strand of matt onyx beads fastened with a matching gold lace diamond clasp. Quite a few hours at the bench on this one! The result got a big tick from Mara, who declined packaging to wear it immediately! As one of the last tasks completed for 2009, how rewarding to see this assured and vivacious woman wear the necklace so well.

It was for his 40th birthday and their first 20 years together Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

The GOMA Twilight Design Sale coverage in the Weekend Austrailian Sat Dec 19 2009 Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

Posted on Sunday 12:20pm – the studio is closed and I’m starting to re-consign everything out to galleries for the start of 2010 retailing, then we paint the studio floor and walk away!

End of the year saw lots of clients end up with smashing things, sales went so well and the last two commissions left the studio Friday and Saturday including an antique hardstone and hard gold plated Scottish Bracelet revived for the Lovegrove family.

Handmade hinged sleepers that accommodate a range of enhancers both metal, gem and a combination of both – © Barbara Heath 2009 Monday, Dec 7 2009 

Only one pair of 18ct Yellow Gold sleepers remaining with a few enhancers + one pair of new Oxidised Lace Balls – seems like the people who ‘get it’ have all got their pair. We have had a great interest all this year in these fashion basics, with more commission requests that retail sales . . . caution: the machine-made imported versions are 1/3 the price, use about a sixth of the metal and maybe last three months at most. We have clients still wearing their Bh version going on 10 years now. All the symbols have sold also so we are making up our new makes list for March 2010, suggestions are welcome.

Something old and something very new – a new chain configuration for a bracelet and a new © Bh charm Monday, Dec 7 2009 

Leaf lattice x 16 petals doubled for luck + textured Infinity symbols configured as chain links with a new chain link connector, Bar and Ring Clasp in Sterling Silver.

The two day Studio Sale fell on the APT weekend in Brisbane Monday, Dec 7 2009 

Although we missed seeing many of our usual art & design visitors, we have had a most successful two day annual sale, what with commissioners emails and requests from Canberra and Townsville (nothing off to Sydney yet, I still have photos to do for Kim) . . . plus the Lady from Texas flew in to reconfigure commissions, initiate 3 more tasks and three sale items into her booty. Our client and jewellery buff; Wendy (pink lady), my daughter Elizabeth (Lil) & her friend Caitlin were the hostesses on the first day while Barb malE & Juan managed to wizz through the second day with Lil doing the ‘present wrap’ – so much fun. 13 customers now lost from the database with return-to-sender stamped envelopes back to the studio And three rescued back to the commissioners list after phone calls and the usual “Yes, we’ve moved – No, I didn’t think to advise you”. All in all, it was a treat to prepare the feast & to serve you all! Something like 12 commissions to complete before we all break up camp for the year . . .

Next Friday arvo & evening is the next bump-in & bump-out on the Christmas schedule, why not come early – find a park and see the APT and pop over and share a spritzer with us? here’s the latest mud map to find us.

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