Two ring styles that are evergreens: Leaf Wrap and Chenier © Barbara Heath Monday, Aug 31 2009 

Leaf wrap on the left with a big moonstone cabochon and Chenier on the right with a colour-change Mother of Pearl cut out – both Rings going to Makers Mark in Melbourne . . .

Barbara’s in a spin – I consigned this brooch to the Brisbane Grammar School’s 40th Art Fair on the weekend and it was scooped up! Monday, Aug 31 2009 

The piece was from 2004 and has gone to a collector, it was a one-off from the Katherine Kalaf Gallery show where we showcased the White Enamel Fusion show back then. No good sitting around in our own trophy cabinet I say! Here’s the actual piece below, the image above I did for the publicity work and it was knocked back (way back) . . . now it gets a run finally! This piece toured in the JMGA-NSW show – Luminaries curated by Rhana Devenport and co-ordinated by Karen Findeis where six senior Australian and New Zealand makers were highlighted – Warwick Freeman, Barbara Heath, Marian Hosking, Carlier Makigawa, Catherine Truman, Margaret West – and now it belongs to Dr Catherine Molloy.

Click on the download to see this panorama of Tunbridge, Tasmania – the red arrow shows our house Monday, Aug 31 2009 

The midlands was pretty sparsely covered by trees prior to white settlement, over-grazing and clear-felling, farmers damming their streams and stealing the water to feed their un-economical centre pivot farming has increased the pressure on the environment + the un-restrained use of airborne pesticides . . . we wondered why the place hasn’t become a desert by 2009? So pleased to share these recent pics, here’s the pano (48Mb download) of Paul Triffit’s house on the left – swing right to the southern tip of the township, the sale yards and the back of old Punch’s place owned by Billy Lodge.

August 2009 was the hottest month on record in Australia – ever! Monday, Aug 31 2009 

We managed to flex off and spend 10 days in Tunbridge, Tasmania at our pet project . . . 15 cubic meters of mulch delivered and we tended the fruit trees, the native wind-break and planted a grove of silver birch trees.

After 5 months of continual rain the midlands are as green as snowpeas, after 8 years of getting drier and drier it was a welcome scene. If you remember a year ago I posted a set of pics of the Blackman River – completely dry! Here’s a update below: and click here for the .pdf pano download.

New Chenier Rings for the Barbara Heath Retail Range Thursday, Aug 6 2009 

The Chenier style is a studio favourite, it uses a mulitple of shapes & gem cuts we have created as our own shapes. These faceted ovals from a local gem dealer are all un-dyed and completely natural – a refreshing change.