When Gerard called to confirm they wanted the ring in Platinum, he said that they “never wanted to regret not going the whole way” Saturday, Oct 30 2010 

With metal prices as volatile as they are today, it is comforting that clients still weigh up all the issues – then go for broke! There is an occasion, the ring has special significance, the coloured Diamonds and the Broome Pearl have been purchased on their travels. When Juan drills into the pearl to fit the setting peg we get a chance to gauge the depth of the nacre, and this one is surprisingly deep! The lustre on a great pearl equates to this depth . . . + white Diamonds 2=0.06, pink Diamonds 2=0.06ct, champagne pink Diamonds 2=0.04ct. Collection today at 10:00 am and again I sit behind the wall on the computer, waiting for the reveal – the wows, the squeals of delight! the thank-you, the goodbye and the “we’ll be back” promise that I hear all the time.

Other pics: 2345678

Artist talks at Ipswich Art Gallery next Sunday, Barbara and Malcolm are on at 2:30 pm Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

We both remain excited about this show and about the other artist’s responses, this is an opportunity to hear about four sets of works straight from the five makers. The earlier ‘artists talks’ flyer is here to download. We hope to see as many people there as possible . . . their colonial furniture collection, the Ipswich artifacts & postcards + new Lincoln Austen sculptural works are all on show also.

Sisters conspire to effect a dual Barbara Heath commission Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

Delivered today:

All the way from the Northern Territory, a real (dried) seahorse and a super large South Sea Pearl. Carolyn’s sister Roz is an old hand at facilitating artworks + she has commissioned many jewels from Jeweller to the Lost over our 35 year friendship. First – (I’m reading from the brief sheet) Broome Pearl make a pendant fitting in Bh textured Shell style, just like Roz’ earrings. Fit to neoprene cord with a bayonet clasp. With the Seahorse, explore options to make a mould from this original and then cast in 18ct Yellow Gold or 925 Silver. Try with another Seahorse (from chinatown) first . . . second choice is to enclose the seahorse in a locket. And finally, suggestions as to the best way to wear both pieces together?

Handmark Galleries’ latest flyer – Hobart & Evandale, Tasmania Tuesday, Oct 26 2010 

Our big launch into Tasmania proper will be in the first half of 2011, sales have been growing steadily since the first of our three consignments almost a year ago. October 2010 flyer is here, it is a 2 page .pdf around 3.02Mb download. We are mentioned with another ex-Brisbane jeweller and friend – Patricia Bromley-Marks who is now living permanently in Hobart. Page 2 reduced below:



So, what’s that wife of mine up to? Thursday, Oct 21 2010 

AUDIO DESIGN MUSEUM LAUNCHES IN BRISBANE: (1) links to Artisan artists . . .
The Spring Series may have ended but the Audio Design Museum continues. Brisbane is the latest town to join our city-as-gallery club.  Visit the website, download a tour, and hit the streets to discover some hidden designer gems.
Shown above is the Fortitude Valley map and click here to download the MP3s, enjoy. (Barbara is so articulate, she just knocks me out – well, the strategies and language we have both collaborated on come through loud and clear – hear for yourself)!

So, what’s that daughter on mine doing now? Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Just returned from London, Sardinia and Como, hooked up with Angie and then Sophie who flew out from London for a week of tease (if you please)? Can you believe Lil took 456 pics . . . here is my cut to ten to share – 1234567810

Now she is off to a work gig in Melbourne . . .

UPDATE: 25-10-2010: shots on the night – 123

” Subject: Congratulations… YOU ARE A FINALIST!! ”

” Congratulations! Elizabeth Enright – Practice Manager, Accounting & Finance. ”

” You have been selected as a Finalist for the Talent2 Inspirational People Awards for 2010 due to the outstanding contribution you have made to Talent2 for Financial Year 2010. ”

” Your significant contributions to our culture and to the bottom line of our business are greatly appreciated. I would like to invite you to come to Melbourne for the Awards celebration weekend on 22-24 October, with a gala dinner and awards presentation to be held on the evening of the 22nd. Attached is some information to help you prepare for your trip. I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne! Go well, JR – John Rawlinson. Level 24 360 Collins Street Melbourne VIC  3000 Australia t  +61 3 9918 0918 f  +61 3 9918 0955  m  +61 404 885 661. ”

Congratulations Lil, best wishes from Barb and mal E . . .

Rosemary Sorensen’s interview with Barbara Heath published today in the Australian Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

Barbara was excited to meet Rosemary and tour the studio and new works for the Tinsmith exhibition. Rosemary expertly covers activities for the arts and specialises in literature really – writing comments and well crafted reviews. I haven’t OCR’d the article to extract the text as yet, I have scanned and prepared two .pdf versions for download – large (11Mb) .pdfsmall (600k) .pdf

All I have to do now is turn up and set up the display, MAYO 2010 starts on the 22nd October Sunday, Oct 10 2010 

Sculptors, jewellers and ceramic & glass artists this year – with Donna Markus jumping out of a big box! The preview is 2:00pm–4:00pm, then I drive and collect Barbara at the airport, she frocks up and the opening bash is at 6:00pm . . . the ‘friends & teachers’ are such a great group of Bh supporters, we can’t wait. Don’t say we haven’t hyped this affair – mention 1mention 2 and lots of artisan friends fighting for sales . . .


Spare Parts exhibition next, Jeweller to the Lost has a hand in three parts Sunday, Oct 10 2010 

The poster is viewable larger – here.

We titled this ” the ‘aye’s have it” The three pieces they provided , we split between all of us. Juan got the stub – Barbara the hand and mal E  had the skin. Three different eyes sourced from urban_archaeology collection, beaten copper stands © Jeweller to the Lost

The answer to Life is (of course) forty-two Sunday, Oct 10 2010 

Posted at 10:10am on the 10th of the 10th 10 – just in time to point you to the sum of the binary = 42. The binary/decimal blog that I sourced the info is here. The hitchhikers guide info is here. Last week I tipped our own (local) math/logic guru, who resides in Palo Alto into it and got a mention on Sime’s blog – here.


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