Second set of Tunbridge photos from our holidays Wednesday, Feb 28 2007 

The first four Tunbridge shots from our holidays Tuesday, Feb 27 2007 

Aboriginal marker posts, I sort of wonder how they’ll work now they’re not in their original position? Sunday, Feb 25 2007 

In the late 1960’s I had a friend named Gary Makem – he was much too gay for the local scene & got lost in swinging London and took way too much acid, anyway his mum – Gwen Maken ran an antique shop out of an old building in Goondoowindi I was told. As an aside I remember, Gwen bought every penny arcade machine from the Sangate Pier when I was about 14 and working for Harcourt Howard –  the antique dealer who showed me that trade. I was gob-smacked, not one vending machine – every one! Well, Barb and I stopped in at Goodoowindi on the way home from Tasmania, where I asked two people if they knew Mrs Makem and her antique shop? Oh she died in the late 1970’s one said. The other person knew nothing . . . I drove around and stopped at the local Historical Society’s museum, sure enough – the curator had heard of her, her shop was in the same building for 20 years, the old custom’s house. These aboriginal marker posts were found in the back garden, fantastic eh? The collection there was a treat to visit also.

Handmade knee anvil – a gift from Ray Norman in Launceston Thursday, Feb 22 2007 

Tasmania trip #6 – we promise ourselves one walk each visit as a break from the work on our house. Tuesday, Feb 20 2007 

Rob & Lyn Robson take us up to Stacks Bluff – what treat! Monday, Feb 19 2007