The names are hidden but the card and its message is shared for all Wednesday, Jun 26 2013 

I always love posting these ‘client thank-you cards’ that we receive . . . those folk that dare to be different and enter into the commission realm – we LOve you too! (word-of-mouth is everlasting) . . .

New commission using the gems from three older rings – gem set interlocking rings © Barbara Heath Monday, Jun 24 2013 

Its a real big ask – “changing those rings he’d had specially made for you”. Barbara and Sarah conspired to keep the warmth and sentiment on board, they started by unsetting all 24 gems to make three new interlocking rings. This commission ended up requiring two new master patterns to accommodate these diamonds and rubies + Sarah and Jim have more stones to play with on the next occasion, whenever it emerges. 18ct Palladium White and Yellow Gold – Interlocking Rings by Jeweller to the Lost.

Eleven great sales and a commission on Saturday Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

We made nine pairs of gem jumble earrings and have three remaining, two amber and these with pearls and pearlshell all have this textured silver detail.

Four people walked in on our solstice backyard fire Friday evening Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

Friday at sunset – June 21 2013 we light our winter solstice fire in the backyard Thursday, Jun 20 2013 



. . . we never know who will appear out of the shadows with their little pieces of paper for the fire.

Her Beau has proposed and she is excited and has sent us these two pics Thursday, Jun 20 2013 

I’m waiting to post the details but friends and family members have to be told first . . . we present the ‘Empress Engagement Ring’ – first showing . . .

I shared this found pic with a friend and client, today was a big communications day Wednesday, Jun 19 2013 


Big viewersite.wordpress traffic in prep for this weekend, half our highest ever amount of viewers . . .


5 sleeps to the GOMA winter design market, I am flat-chat pricing and tomorrow I do the tray shots to post to out-of-town clients Monday, Jun 17 2013 

In the meantime, one commission below has been waiting for collection for ages, (I can now post it I’m told). One commission jetted its way to Tasmania to a client who has four Bh commissions already, but the beau has to pop the question.  And finally on the weekend Janet Hogan, collected her new “bell earrings”, and added another commission to her tally . . .

A new twist on Barbara’s five leaf lattice ring with Ruby and Diamonds and 18ct Palladium White Gold.

Two shots of John Waterman just before he passed away, April 2002 Sunday, Jun 16 2013 

His last 8 tracks come up on my iTunes ‘shuffle’ lots, his set of French copper saucepans are used every day. His last gift to me was a London printer’s coded contacts diary with every possible detail about sourcing, pricing and storage of metal, ink, paper and tools of the trade. He is still in our lives, daily . . . there is not a week goes by where an internet search for John collides with our viewer site

Winter design market at QAGOMA, Brisbane Saturday June 22 – we are there with big and small ticket items (all wholesale for one day only) Wednesday, Jun 12 2013 

This design market has grown into a terrific event, so much so that it has now become a half-yearly sale. Many of our loyal commission clients who await our own studio sale can now swoop twice in the calendar year . . . not this weekend but the following Saturday from 9:00am–4:00pm. We hope to see you all there and yes internet requests are all possible (sooner than later).

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