Barbara says this 18ct pink gold bangle will become more pink than this shot . . . I. C.’s birthday one – sans gem stones Wednesday, Jul 25 2012 


and now the stones are set and the 22ct gold which was brought to the surface by heating is more pink again:



Tiffany and Co – Rose and vase, gold plated sterling silver and finally restored by the studio Tuesday, Jul 24 2012 

Here is a quick snap shot on one of the studio B&B Italia tub chairs. I had to remove the branch and rose from the vase to get it into the laser welder to re-pin two branches, we checked every seam and re-instated the stem once I had cleaned and rubbed the matted vase up with the polishing cloth. We just slowly hand cleaned and wiped the gold plate, then re-affixed and sealed with new crushed crystals. I’ve searched the eBay offerings and couldn’t fine one as nice for under US$2,600.00 It now sits with the amethyst crystal cave and the hand carved and signed Quan-Yin by our now departed friend from Hong Kong – Johnson Fong.

Girls, babes, young ladies, women, mavens, nanas, matriachs, queens & queers – we make commissions for all the fair sexes Thursday, Jul 19 2012 

Young Jo Jo in Palo Alto, California is the latest recipient of a textured half round solitaire diamond ring made by Barbara Heath.

Darling Barbie & Mal,
Thank you so much for the VERY SPECIAL birthday gift. It was a whiz bang birthday all round. Really wish you could have been here for a piece of ice cream cake!
Very special text reads: Emeralds are beautiful, sapphires too. But now I have diamonds all thanks to you!
There’s a big love heart at the end. From me too — Planet & Josephine
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Leaf lattice carved 18ct yellow gold with diamonds and hero emerald © Barbara Heath 2012 Wednesday, Jul 18 2012 

We have just received great feedback from Andrew today, so I’m allowed to post the finished ring now – the earlier design post is here. The chunky leaf lattice design is a proven winner, the carved textured gold stands up to life’s knocks and unlike a polished or a matted surface – scratches become part of the aged patina. Wonderful Emerald very carefully set in a softer 22ct bezel that was fused into the 18ct ring with hammer set Diamonds.

Tiffany and Co Makers Sterling #23626 – a post c1938 gold plated sterling silver ‘rose’ in matt vase Saturday, Jul 14 2012 

Cleaning and repairing this piece of sculptured metal – fun !  two and three &  more shots . . .

The ‘leaf lattice’ Georgian (black dot) paste brooch I found for Barbara’s birthday gift Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

c 1780’s style and an era we are both madly in love with . . . and in absolute great condition. Call me and I’ll reveal the source close to home!

Barbara was recently featured in a selection of Brisbane public art by Nadia Buick in the Urban List Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

Narrowing hundreds of works down to seven is an ask and all CBB-centric, also means that every one else not selected is somewhat miffed. I sent a thank-you to Nadia on FaceBook and she opened up about her selection being a highly personal one and how she loved the ‘net’ and its integration into the architecture itself. Here are her words: Here is the link.

4. Barbara Heath
Walk a bit further up William Street and you’ll find this beguiling work by Brisbane artist, Barbara Heath. Best known for her exquisite jewellery designs that have a distinct architectural quality, this large-scale sculptural work almost looks like a piece of jewellery that has been taken to a new level.
Where: The Neville Bonner Building, William Street, Brisbane
This work is indeed a scaled-up version of one of Barbara’s hand made 18ct Palladium White Gold ‘chain mesh’ bracelets and is the result of a great working collaboration with architects; Donovan Hill – some serious research into the earlier use of the site, relationships with engineers and fabricators and the office of Arts Queensland back in 1999. The piece has been written up by Phil Brown, Julia Ross and was incorporated into a double page spread in a global architectural review by Phaidon Press (10 critics x 100 architects) – here. Our public art powerpoint is an easy download – here.

Cards, phone calls, emails, E-cards and tons of FaceBook wishes received today, thanks to the universe Friday, Jul 6 2012 

Peter & Christine Tyndall are always first in the mail with an art worked card – my piece of ephemera was another X for my collection (and subsequent post on ephemeral-male) while Barbara’s post card caught us both buy surprise. We opened the envelope together and she received her birthday wish for July 9 two days early. And what a cracker of a find, below:

Saint Eloi – Patron des Joailliers-Oftévres, Bronze du Maître Orfévre ANDRÉ SAGLIER (Exclusivité de la Chambre Syndicale B. J. O.) – This figure actually comes down to us from the early trade guilds of Barcelona in the early 14th C. Guilds often grouped together various trades, the had royal protection and each was placed under the protection of a saint. The argenters (silver smiths) or orfebres (those who worked with fine metals) received royal approval in May 1381 and St Eloi was adopted as their patron saint because of their connection with the work that this saint carried out in his youth. – Margarita Tinto {published in Jewellery Studies, 6/1993 – Society of Jewellery Historians}

. . . so excited, I’m now busy looking for an antique frame to mount and hang this is the studio downstairs. Also so synchronous because a goldsmith blogger friend in Melbourne recently posted another figurative sculpture of a Roman jeweller – here.

Sharing a re-enamelled George IV c1824 coin in the studio’s collection with added bale and pin back, nice Friday, Jul 6 2012 

The use of enamelled coins in fashion jewellery was revived in about 1884 in a modest way by William Henry Probert who was employed as a jeweller’s painter in Birmingham. Probert confined his palate to two or three primary colours and specialised in larger coins such as the crown featuring Pistruccis’ splendid St George and the Dragon. He built up a considerable business supplying jewellery businesses with enamelled coins up to 1892, though he continued business until 1902. (from James Mackay’s Encyclopedia of small antiques, a wonderfully researched book filled with history and info).

These are about to be delivered in Perth today Monday, Jul 2 2012 

Our most wonderful client is moving back to the United States of A next Friday with her husband Dave and two little-ies, we will miss her but we know that we are friends forever. The ‘Texas Lady’ was first in with a gem purchase from last year’s studio sale over the internet. The designs came a little later and now almost 6 months later these articulated earrings are about have their first test drive. Pendant © Bh Earrings have a pair of nipped pillow cut Amethysts in a tapered textured box setting above a pair of square cabochon Pink Tourmalines in a textured channel-style setting above an even larger pillow cut Amethyst in beaded surround with claw setting. Each section linked to the next to allow movement with hooks in 18ct Yellow Gold. Two more shots – here and here.

We say ‘most wonderful’ because Debra knows her gems and has jewellery from makers the world-over. Her taste is divine and she manages to juxtapose elements as if we were doing it ourselves, we just have a three-way connection. Safe travel and home-coming wishes go out to the Smith-Longs from Jeweller to the Lost (we LOve you)!