The © Barbara Heath stock powerpoint of the ‘another time’ show at ‘a day on earth’ Friday, Nov 23 2007 

The show was scanned and processed into a powerpoint, below. The antique brass mesh chain we managed to source in NYC has now been gold plated and re-fitted to the pendants and charms. The stock is about to be returned to ‘a day on earth’ where they will now keep a permanent © Barbara Heath stock holding. We intend to also show new dimensional leaf lattice range by the middle of 2008 – and we are down for a *show sometime around August 2008, showing new stainless steel works. the powerpoint

* May 28 2008 . . . Just received the call from Jan Murphy, the decision to close the venue has just been made, now everyone has until the end of June 2008 to view and purchase the pieces remaining!

Barbara Heath – a day on earth – Brisbane News Page 7 Promo Wednesday, Nov 21 2007 

Two days before the show opens, an early page announcement in the freebie style sheet – Brisbane News. The trip abroad that was the stimulus and inspiration for this exploratory new work was sponsored by the Visual Arts Board through the Australia Council – with a grant that assisted Barbara’s research into The Cheapside Hoard at the Museum of London. The Hoard’s curator, Ms Hazel Forthythe was generous with her time and in fact suggested Barbara should keep some energy and time spare to become involved in their 2012 activities when the Museum celebrates the Hoard’s 100 year Centenary – we look forward to this engagement. Being there led to a visit to the library at the Goldsmith’s Hall, one of the extraodinary London Guilds where we were ushered upstairs (after registration) to meet the Librarian, Mr David Beasley. We sat at the longest Georgian table I have ever seen, presented with volumes after volumes of ‘must see’ tomes on 17th C jewellery. Armed with this list of publisher and ISBN references made things easy later at the Portebello Road bookstore of NZ expatriate art book guru, Mr Don Kelly. Meanwhile, mal E was afforded the full cook’s tour of the clock collection within the Guild Hall, something he will never forget – thanks David!

The article goes on to mention Barbara’s observations of the 17th Century’s early ‘globalisation’ of the jewellery trades. A time when a burgeoning merchant class supplied consumer demand and the migration of skilled craftsmen (escaping religious persecution) led to a rapid development of styles. Add to this the discovery of the new world’s extraordinary gem wealth with the result escalating marketing opportunities by entrepreneurial middlemen – sounds like the owners of ‘a day on earth‘ doesn’t it? Do please make the journey to Arthur Street, New Farm for the show – we look forward to introducing our client’s to this new retail emporium.

Another time – the ‘a day on earth’ invitation for the Barbara Heath show. Friday, Nov 16 2007 

Our Ipswich Houses concept statement – our Powerbook presentation. Sunday, Nov 4 2007 

Ipswich Houses Commission – Ipswich Regional Art Gallery – Barbara Heath’s ‘Ipswich Houses’ proposal – here

A draft of my 1986 artist book I’m now intending to produce. Friday, Nov 2 2007 

November 18 2007 I sent out an email with a link to this powerpoint inviting friends and supporters to review the concept and pre-order one of the 30 copies – to date I have 17 reserved.

Click here to download the powerpoint

No, make that • 18 – Marg Blaszczyk, Brisbane has just ordered one copy 23-3-2008 • 17 – Allan Cooper, Tasmania • 16 – Private, Melbourne • 15 – Milton Cater, Bangalow • 14 – Janet Gibson, Palo Alto • 13 Trish Crowley, Brisbane • 12 – Sabine Schleicher, Brisbane • 11 – Jane Grigg, Brisbane • 10 – John Honeywill, Brisbane • 9 – Simon Wahed, Montreal • 8 – John Coslovitch, South America • 7 – Rick Meyerowitz, New York City • 6 – Marshall Weber, Brooklyn • 5 – Dr Gael Phillips, Brisbane • 4 – Peter Anderson, Melbourne • 3 – Allison Davies, Sydney – • 2 Doug Hall AM, Brisbane/Melbourne • 1 – Steve Painter, Brisbane/South America.

Sabine Schleicher also requested a copy of Peter’s original essay, I managed to get that scanned and up here today as well – the 2 page .pdf is here

Subject: Mal Enright – (powerpoint preview) of the my next artist book
Hi everyone,
I first collated these pieces in 1982–1986, Peter Anderson wrote an
interesting article on them but they have sat in a viewable plastic
folder until a few weeks ago . . . talking with Rex Butler recently
about the up-coming QAG Andy Warhol show and about my two visits to
the Factory in NYC 1974 & 1977 . . . I told him of this work-in-
progress, particularly the PRODUCT/MANAGER one with Fred’s business
So I’ve now scanned and prepared the files for my next artist book
which I will do entirely in the studio from start to finish over the
next couple of months. As usual a limited edition of 30, please send
me an email to register your interest, the final price will be based
on recovering costs only so I don’t have a price as yet – ballpark
(A4 landscape, full colour, saddle stitched, 48 pager, self cover,
with the article and info detailed, maybe around A$50.00–70.00)
The powerpoint is 12.4Mb – a breeze if you have broadband – a while
to download on dial-up.
I love this work, it stands up stronger for being 20+ years old,
please take the time and feedback is appreciated . . .

Cheers from mal E (and Bh)


Artisan – Barbara Heath mentioned in November/December 2007 – INSIDE OUT Shopping Guide Thursday, Nov 1 2007 

Internet Commission from Townsville – Ian and Trudi’s studio resolve. Thursday, Nov 1 2007 


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