Peter Smith our Tunbridge neighbour sent us pics of the recent snow in Oatlands and on the Parattah Road Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 



Its not like we have a foot in both Brisbane and Tunbridge – more like we are in love with two places, poles apart. We both wish we could be in two places at once . . . reality sucks! Thanks for the thoughts and pics Peter, we are doing dinner at home next Tuesday with Tunbridge visitors – Joy & Kim.

A special mention of our Tunbridge postman, Charlie Grigg who recently passed away in his sleep. He drove both these roads delivering parcels, papers and post every working day of his later life. Our local Tunbridge Community club and the Golf Club at Oatlands will be down on takings of late and sorely missing a great bloke. Charlie took both of us on his run, early on – we learn’t the names of all the hills, roads and where the football clubs were after the war when the community was full of small acreage farms, families and animals enough to sustain a livelihood.

George Burrow’s 70th birthday party was a fancy-dress party 10 days ago in Hobart, here is our birthday card we sent down Monday, Aug 27 2012 

He has many categories that he collects but we both share a love of ‘mermaids’ so I dug deep into my picture archive to do this poster with my favourite seventy. I’ll save you counting, I kept going a little after seventy because I couldn’t stop.

PREVIEW: slide #9 from Barbara’s Prado-QAG/GOMA talk coming up in September Friday, Aug 24 2012 

Jewellery was now being designed on an international scale by artists and and men who were not practising goldsmiths and the princes of Europe, wishing to keep abreast of the latest fashions expected their court  artists to provide drawings and designs for jewellery in the new styles.
This would have been no problem for Henry VIII’s court artist William Holbein who had made his way to the English court  from Augsberg – Southern Germany a wealthy city firmly located on the trade route to Italy, that supported up to 700 skilled jewellers and goldsmiths at this time.
But the printing press enabled the reproduction of designs which were soon being distributed through the jewellery workshops of europe. This rapid dissemination of styles brought  a new stylistic unity to to european jewellery and it was not uncommon for leading jewellers and goldsmiths to move from one court to another according to the chance of patronage – leading to a constant exchange of ideas, techniques and styles.
SAT SEPT 22 2012 at 2:30pm

Now this is a first – K B is in Darwin and wants to see her new ‘survivor’ pendant commissioned from Barbara Heath Friday, Aug 17 2012 



The studio rule is that the client must view and accept the piece before I’m allowed to post to the world. Kerry is a seasoned (jeweller to the Lost) commissioner and knows the ropes only she can’t wait to see the piece, great! Here is the original design (never posted) but shared via email with the client and following is Barbara’s job bag description.

© Bh Commission – ‘Survivor Pendant’ – A circular Pearlshell disc 30mm dia. set in a fine 18ct white gold frame has ‘floating’ gems set into the surface; long rectangular Quartz cabochon with phantom crystal inclusion, Purple Sapphire emerald cut 1= 0.30ct set in 18ct pink gold and KB’s Grandmother’s diamond in its original Platinum setting. A textured bar irregularly set with x5 small diamonds (as supplied) which intersects the circle at the top forming the bail to suspend the pendant. Black neoprene necklet with bayonet clasp.

This ‘ring stack’ pre-dates 1989 when we started documenting the commissions Thursday, Aug 16 2012 



Barbara does remember making this for Beryl who worked at the Queensland Performing Arts Trust though. These four rings in 9ct Yellow Gold with hand made Shakudo settings and bands. The green Sapphire is seen here reflecting the tabs. We haven’t published this ring set previously as these Peter Budd images just came to life today while I’m busy going through boxes of slides in a clean up (or clean out) as I suspect. Here is the link to the complete commission list available on our directory that I update each year.

Bh © commissioned ‘ring stack’ for an aeronautical engineer who designed it with Barbara, all three rings constructed and Diamonds set by Juan-Luis in the Jeweller to the Lost studio Thursday, Aug 16 2012 



Derek Gibbins (and Ingrid Strasser) collected his three rings yesterday to much conversation and delight. The sides and inside are polished with the exterior that soft matt that the studio is noted for. Here is Barbara’s commission description:

Bh © Commission – Interlocking wedding rings for Derek Gibbins; set of three constructed parallel bands, not joined together but interlock by means of four baguette diamonds set transverse across central wider band to intersect the two outer bands. The four baguette diamonds measuring approx. 5.5 x 2.2 ( 4= 0.64ct F/G VVs) are set flush to surface of 4mm wide x 2mm thick rectangular section band, diamonds extend to alternate sides and are positioned at 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock. The adjacent pair of narrower bands 2.5 wide x 2mm thick and quarter round in section have recessed sections to accomodate the diamonds. Rings are matt finish with polished edges and polished tops to settings. 18ct white gold. Size U.

Two wedding rings collected today- designed to match the engagement ring he gave her from our stock at Artisan, Brisbane Saturday, Aug 11 2012 



My shot in the studio is a little washed out, the textured ring cluster is 18ct Yellow Gold with Padparasha Sapphires. Michelle’s ring is a fitted curve, bark textured 18ct Yellow Gold and Terry’s is a barely tapering curved and low half round flat edge, bark textured like her ring in 18ct Rose Gold © Bh 2012

Two ring designs signed off and we are ready to commence both makes Wednesday, Aug 8 2012 



I’ve matted the names until we have finished the makes, I’m posting mainly to show how busy Barbara has been designing and preparing documentation and then response amendments. Dialogue, meetings and processing is so essential to a great outcome and never goes by the book . . . one of the best parts of our business.

Brooch design for a client in Hong Kong, using her Mother’s keepsake opal ring Wednesday, Aug 8 2012 



. . . and gems from the studio collection. The construction will be similar to the most successful button brooch and will have the newest tab setting which is not evident in the design rendering. Hand constructed in 925 Silver with handmade stainless steel double brooch pin and pendant bail © Bh 2012

This ring design is now at make stage after various gem sourcing attempts that came down to 100th of a millimetre Wednesday, Aug 8 2012 



I’ve pasted the actual gem placement shot over the name on the design rendering, we will tell all when the ring is on her hand.

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