Malcolm Enright & Barbara Heath, although married in 1993, have been in a shared relationship since 1986. Yet it wasn’t until 2003 that they merged their separate design and jewellery practices – and created Enright Heath Pty Limited. Having reduced the duplication of phone, fax, internet, banking and taxation requirements etc, they formalised the business names each has used over the years – Barbara with her JEWELLER TO THE LOST positioning and Malcolm his URBAN ARCHAEOLOGY activities, all under the Australian Companies act.

Activities include bespoke jewellery, small sculpture and Barbara’s insightful writing on these media, production of her signature retail range of jewellery, large public artworks, small domestic sculptures, unique gems & crystals for sale & study.

Malcolm’s activities include design and digital realisation, content facilitation, self publishing, artist books, buying & selling collections of artworks and colonial antiques, collecting found photographs, bookplates and ephemera and, of late, clocks – all are carried out from their private studio in Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs – phone Malcolm on 0431 464 470 for a studio appointment and address details or email Malcolm <>