Our Artist Book called Freewheeling – our First Statement of Intent Sunday, Jun 19 2005 

The Second Visit to Tunbridge Store (and the clean-up starts) Sunday, Jun 12 2005 

Juan-luis Gonzalez is Barbara’s master jeweller, he and mal E travelled down to start the clean-up at Rothwell. With original flooring remaining in the store and store room, we found ourselves lifting most of the carpet and lino, down since 1854. A full scrub’n’rub to the entire place, plus a good check-over right down to a fully measured drawing of the two story dwelling. A hit list of urgent issues to be tackled. We started to suss-out the numerous repairs to the place and assess if they were good, bad or just plain ugly – hey! its in the middle of nowhere and repairs have been made, replacements have appeared, probably as a matter of necessity rather than following a well devised conservation plan.I started these two silhouette shots and followed up with a third, when on the next occasion Barbara made her second trip down – here’s that shot:As is evident here, on the third visit we initiated a new power pole, stripped out all the old electrics and rewired the two levels and the external original bathroom.

The power/heat issues at Tunbridge Saturday, Jun 11 2005 

More shots (and found items) from June 2005 Friday, Jun 10 2005 

yes, that’s Jack Frost on the ground Thursday, Jun 9 2005 

Commissioned Ring for Kim Littelton © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Jun 8 2005 

School & Hair (is it ever resolved at Reuben’s age?) – School Won Saturday, Jun 4 2005 

Reuben, son of Pip & Simon, nephew of Gerry & Maria Cleary – elected to spend some time with mal E doing whatever . . . sort of work experience. We entered into the world of typography, the Mac & troubleshooting, art history, designer objects, food to sustains and heals at the same time – nutrition and particularly lacto-fermentation, skating and taging, street art and finally clocks (he’s now finished high school, head prefect in fact) . . . so we must of had some effect?

Two Boy’s Anniversary Rings © Barbara Heath Thursday, Jun 2 2005