Little Birdy show is opened by Rhana Devenport. Sunday, Dec 17 2000 

Rhana’s full text is an easy download, the older web site has a full exposé of this show (which barb has suggested I update).

The exhibition will speak of the animistic mysticism hidden in ornamental design: Sunday, Dec 10 2000 

 Re-posting this 7 years later, I’m really surprised at how many jewellers are now representing birds in their work. Their symbolism and their links with augury and forecasting is still very much a happening interest, in fact some clients have requested their own take on my ‘little birdies’ – here’s a spangled drongo for Brian & Julie Hankinson (5-9-2005): 

malE’s splash page design (without the roll-over) Sunday, Dec 10 2000 

the graphic has a roll-over on the webThe complete exhibition residual is covered superbly here.

Howard Friedler to Malcolm Enright Sunday, Dec 10 2000 

Lansdowne street red stump, prior to painting. Sunday, Dec 10 2000 

Barbara’s toughest mentor; Ray Norman created the first red stump (and some red faces) on a property at *Woodbury, in the Tasmanian southern midlands. He ear-marked this stump in Brisbane outside our jewellery studio and proceeded to paint it red on his next trip to Queensland.* our friends Linda and Allan Cooper now own this property on which they have renovated the historic homestead, more about all of these colourful characters as this blog builds.** this red stump was cut down after white ant s demolished it from the inside out on the 10-02-2008

millennial transitional show at craft qld – our augury idea Sunday, Dec 10 2000 

Bh- augury ideaThe bullet points speak for themselves, the show was effective and all the ‘little birdies’ have sold out. The residual web is still up on the viewer site hosted in NYC by Bill Shaman.

First Gem Cluster Range Rings © Barbara Heath Friday, Dec 8 2000