Rick Meyerowitz flies into Australian to see John Howard and then visits us. Saturday, Sep 14 2002 

Mal’s friend the New York illustrator Rick Meyerowitz got this gig through the U.S Embasy –  he represented his brother, Joel at an exhibition of Joel’s photographs in Canberra. We arranged for Rick to address the BAD Club (Brisbane Art Directors) at an informal evening in Brisbane.Then we threw the walkers in the boot, took the phones off the hook and took off to Binna Burra for a walk in the rainforest . . .

Surprise Rock – Binna Burra South East Queensland Friday, Sep 13 2002 

Barbara and Rick by mal E on the way to Surprise Rock in the ancient cedar grove remanent.

‘one line’ by Ken Hiratsuka re-shot by Malcolm Enright Thursday, Sep 12 2002 

The New York sculptor Ken Hiratsuka and Malcolm Enright spent time at Surprise Rock in the early 1987. Ken created this one line sculpture insitu on the rock face and mal E photographed the work and it was published in #1 of Eyeline Magazine page 9. Our other New York visitor, Rick Meyerowitz was taken and shown the ‘one line’ that day, this shot shows the work re-marked with fresh soil.

Apsara’s Necklace – from Visible Darkness Thursday, Sep 12 2002 

Rhana Devenport breezed in, collected her thoughts and opened the show to the delight of those attendees, what I liked about the night was the cross-over of each artists’ guest list. Everyone seemed connected to everyone else. The entire show was shown a little later on the The Logan City Art Gallery in 2004.

Visible Darkness curated by Susan Lincoln & Andrea Higgins Tuesday, Sep 10 2002 

The blurb says – A large scale installation reflecting the power of the jewellery box and the dressing room in private female spaces.  The girls asked Malcolm Enright to collaborate on the graphics, works by Barbara Heath, Nicole Voevodin-Cash Susan Lincoln & Andrea Higgins.