“It’s about time, Mr. Wolf?” Wednesday, Apr 17 1991 

Barbara calls this her wedding ring to herself – it’s her signature ring using something I gave her, an 18th C enameled hunting button. The bottom button from the hunt waistcoat, I found it at Phillips & Co at Collaba Harbour Mumbai in 1972. I still remember my friend Mr. Habib Iza Snr. who sold me the lone button, someone had scooped all the hounds but didn’t want the (bad) fox – we both laughed at their mistake as both of us being far more connected with ‘the outsider’. Barbara also, the fact that she just loves Georgian enamels was another plus. The chunky pavé setting with the diamonds was another first for her, in fact it challenged and moved her beyond her formal (no-gems) strategy.

The ring remains on her hand every day, has featured in numerous articles, shows and always draws comment from old friends and new acquaintances.

Commissioned Ring to Herself (HA ha) © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Apr 17 1991