Susette Dixon asked for all the material related to her commission: Saturday, Apr 19 2008 

Susette Dixon is a savy engineer now working in Brisbane for Baulderstone Hornibrook. We have all spent time emailing between Sydney and Brisbane on this, her special ring to herself. Susette searched our gem collection for  the stone that talked directly to her and was pretty solidly set on a Queensland quality Sapphire. George Palos in Sydney has a parcel of spectacular stones, we ended up asking Jim & Jenny Elliot to sift through their favourite rough material from the Coolamon mine at Sapphire and have a couple cut for Susette to choose from – we then had a stone selected, a few views of the wax master and the downhill run to the finish, set and match (to a client’s expectations)!

Latest commission from Perth via Katherine Kalaf Gallery Saturday, Apr 19 2008 

The full piece is only viewable by the owner – 18ct Palladium White Gold & Diamonds © Bh 4-2008

UPDATE: 11-9-2008 I’m just checking that everything is in order prior to Barbara’s flight to Perth tomorrow morning. Katherine Kalaf has updated her Gallery’s web and this piece is shown, click here to make a connection.

Our entry in the Redcliffe Craft Award 2008, dispatched today! Thursday, Apr 17 2008 

UPDATE 6-6-2008 * AWARDED 2nd PRIZE – see Barbara’s text in (comments) below!

Tim Lynch emailed today regarding our entry in this local – non acquisitive craft prize of $1,000.00, with a second prize of $500.00 and a third prize of $250.00. Its all about ‘highlighting the possibilities of current craft practice’, so we will be up against all the young ‘crafters’ (how exciting). Send Tim or Maree Nipperess an email and request an application form and a copy of the rules & regulations . . . go to it today. /

Here is our entry – Bh©Brooch#7 OxidisedSilver StainlessSteel:

As usual the digital realisation is by © Jeweller to the Lost – Malcolm Enright and the beautiful work by Barbara and Juan-luis Gonzalez.

The next generation of this etched and studio constructed work work is being prepared right now for our upcoming show at ‘adayonearth’ August 2008. This body of work was featured in NYC at Aaron Faber Gallery & SOFA in 2006. A brooch also featured in the 2007 touring show entitled ‘bangles, baubles & beads’, with a review in the recent issue of the USA Metalsmith Magazine.

Quentin Bryce, Australia’s new govenor-general designate shows off her pyramid lattice jewellery. Monday, Apr 14 2008 

Well, Ray Norman in Launceston called to tell us that he spotted Barbara’s pyramid lattice in Canberra – then a text message from that other keen-eyed fashion forecaster in Sydney, Jean-pierre Khoury – then this scanned pic dropped in from another fashion victim in Brisbane, Vanessa Roche – and this morning, Barbara’s oldest commissioner and very personal friend of Quentin Bryce – Marjorie Millburn was on the phone saying there was a terrific pic in the Courier Mail this morning (and did we see it)?. As we read the Australian we noted that Quentin was covered on page 1 – Page 10 – in the Strewth column and a section of the editorial page, Andrew Fraser mentions that Bryce’s appointment to the honour is based on merit rather than gender or demographics. We are so pleased for Michael, Quentin and their family.

A few more emails from Leesa Hickey at DesignFront, Doug Hall AM, Roz MacAllan who made her first ever blog comment (thanks Roz), Ian Were and Glenn R Cooke from the QAG, Janet Gibson & Simon Jackman in Palo Alto California, Gregory Darcourt from Unique France and Lisa Petko from Salvage, Prof Norman Heckenberg, a call from David Patterson, more emails from Emma Blackaby from ‘adayonearth’, Justine Austen from ‘jeweller to the lost’, mal’s daughter Elizabeth Enright from ‘talent2’, Natalie Hall who works as a designer with Michael Bryce’s firm + an email with attachment from Peter Tyndall in Melbourne. Peter sent the pic he scanned from today’s Age newspaper with a better shot of those earrings:

The collector Profile on Malcolm Enright in Australian Art Collector April 1999 Sunday, Apr 13 2008 

I’ve had several emails recently regarding A) what our house used to look like [full of art] B) what issue of Australian Art Collector did a profile on the sale of my art collection C) could I please post the article on the blog? Rereading Sally Butler’s article was interesting, the one part about “selling everything and ceasing to collect artworks” hasn’t really happened – the artist archive is still being worked on to this day and hey! Barbara and I have bought new artworks since the art sale. Also reading Gary Sauer-Thompson’s perspective on Identity in his recent piece on his ‘junk for code‘ blog made me think of a few other fashion pieces from the past that I should dig out . . . more to come on the topic, that’s for sure.

Page One as a .pdf

Page two as a .pdf

Page Three as a .pdf

Page Four as a .pdf


Rod Palmer to Jennifer MacDonald © Bh 2008 Friday, Apr 11 2008 

Megan Crowley marrys her beau, Michael Read today Friday, Apr 11 2008 


Strewth D. D. McNicoll . . . I believe you’ve missed the point mate! Friday, Apr 11 2008 

The least we can do when visiting another place and greeting the locals is to acknowledge their traditional owners – we did steal (all the land) in the first place! Yes, that was generations ago, to simply be mindful of that fact these days seems a small but powerful reminder that we have moved on. Surely only by the continued inculcation of the gesture will these truths eventually sink in? Strewth, I hope everyone I know writes in to correct you in their own way.

The Galloway family heirloom story as it unfolded from Kate to Barbara during the commission process. Thursday, Apr 10 2008 

I’ve taken the liberty to relate the correspondence, the resultant ring is above and into the world again.

Kate Galloway writes on the 9-11-07: “Dear Barbara, please find this sad opal ring in the hope that you might save it? In a nutshell – Great Grandfather found the opal at Lightning Ridge and had it made up for Great Grandmother who always wore it in a simple setting. It was then left to my Grandmother, although as the 7th of 8 children there wasn’t much left by that time to hand down and she said that I would always ‘get it’. In 1998 my Stepmother and my Dad had the opal reset just before my Grandmother died – and presented it to me not long after her death. I wore it for some months then Dad died and the ring just cracked up! I was devastated (I still am)!. I’ve since been informed that the opal was probably set too tight.”

” Barbara, can you save me and my opal?”

“I know opal cannot be repaired but can it be reset? I’ve invested a lot of angst into the destruction of this stone and really seek some sort of closure. Its all tied up with 12 months of death and sadness. I’d like to honour Great Grandfather (Willian Francis Baker) Grandmother (Melba Frances Galloway), my Dad (Hugh Scott Galloway) and provide for future (Jemima Francis McGrath) or (Jill Scott McGrath) – or is it beyond redemption? (after all it’s just a stone)”.


Kate and Barbara worked on reviewing old and new rings, engaged our Sydney – gem cutter (Tony Maynard) who cut and polished the broken opal into three distinct pieces (WFB, MFG & HSG) and Barbara and Juan colluded to produce and set the fourth, fused ring stack in the new style. The textured white gold in the Palladium mix works well with this textured rub over setting. We have a great working relationship with the Galloway/McGrath family who are now in Cairns, we do all the work via emails and posting images onto the server, to and fro until we have a clear picture of where we are heading. One + One = Good Alchemy we say!

Here’s my clock talk on London Clock Museums – NAWCC#104 Sunday, Apr 6 2008 

Chapter 104 – National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – Brisbane. I happened to show Tony Roberts our photos taken in the Worshipful Guild of Clockmakers in London during our trip abroad last year. He quickly asked how I managed to shoot shots inside the Museum – easy I said I just pointed and clicked. Although I take our camera everywhere, I didn’t notice the signs saying no photography! So, I managed to snap 83 shots in a public area. So Tony drops me into a talk that he subsequently titled – ‘a tour of London Clock Museums’. (Sunday April 6 2000) . . . It went well, about half the membership attended, and Ken Durston the president emailed a most supportive email thank-you.

The powerpoint file is attached – if you download and open, the text delivered is below each graphic in the directory. So rather than <run show> I suggest you just tab through the preparation. Also it’s a 48Mb download so wait about 5 minutes . . .


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