Marie Hall commissions New Double leaf Lattice © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 29 2007 

GOMA Tag impressons for their Wedding Rings © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 

Tommy’s ‘one love’ ring to himself Sunday, Apr 22 2007 

Commissioned Ring for Nino Bocchino © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 22 2007 

Three elements of our Public Art Commission for Caxton Street SCIP – installed today Wednesday, Apr 11 2007 

I think that the professional partnerships we have forged over the years need to be mentioned, the blog is a great vehicle to communicate our collective outcomes but behind the pictures are groups of individuals working collaboratively to achieve a desired result. We applaud the Brisbane City Council’s Urban Design Team, its only by partnering with them that we have realised how hard they work to achieve their goals while sometimes their very own politicians seem to work against their common goals. Our fabricators in this instance; G&B Stainless were enthusiastically onboard from day one of this project and proved once again to be unrivaled partners.

Arizona Cuprite Earrings © Barbara Heath Monday, Apr 9 2007 

New Matt Onyx Earrings © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 8 2007 

Earrings with basket settings, Brazilian gems © Barbara Heath Sunday, Apr 8 2007 

Sautoir © Barbara Heath sent to Katherine Kalaf in Cottesloe, Perth. Wednesday, Apr 4 2007 

Level 5 water restrictions – Brisbane April 2007 Sunday, Apr 1 2007 

We have been quite successful in curbing our water usage – as this rates notice shows. As you know we are a home and a working office so these restrictions have bitten into the jewellery side particularly, with rainforrest trees and ferns dying in the backyard it’s rather depressing. The main thing is people in general have been quick to act, local government is another matter. The gross argy-bargy that state governments are going through attempting to achieve a change in water resources in the national river systems seems doomed to failure – and every time it rains we see water running down our gutters into the creek systems and into the sea – and every piece of press mentions that nothing reaches the water catchments and dams . . . isn’t there something fundamentally wrong ? – further more in 1982 when I moved to Lansdowne Street, the Brisbane City Council visited and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to remove the two existing water tanks and pull out the bromeliads, now the very same council offers a rebate for new tank installations – go figure?